<Notice> Home storage battery becomes a "power plant" with IoT. Virtual power plant (VPP) demonstration project started (2018/6/6)

General Incorporated Association Environmental Co-Creation Initiative “VPP Aggregator Business” Demonstration Project


Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa; hereinafter referred to as Energy Optimizer) is a ``2018 consumer On May 29th, we were selected for the ``VPP Aggregator Project'' under the ``Virtual Power Plant Construction Demonstration Project Subsidy Utilizing Side Energy Resources'' and registered as a resource aggregator. We will begin this demonstration today with the aim of constructing a virtual power plant (hereinafter referred to as "VPP") and realizing a resource aggregation business through it.

VPP technology connects all the resources in factories and homes, such as storage batteries, solar power generation, portable generators, lighting and air conditioning, through a network, remotely and integratedly controls them, and allows them to function as if they were one power plant, thereby generating electricity. This is a system that can be used effectively.
When building a VPP that coordinates various resources (power supplies), our company deals with small-scale resources that are technically and structurally difficult to directly receive and control commands in a short time in response to control commands from the aggregation coordinator. We are focusing on the issue of how to get people (such as household storage batteries) to participate in VPP and make use of it.
In disseminating VPP, it is important to make maximum use of small-scale and diverse resources, and we believed that it was necessary to build a cloud-based platform to control them.

Optimizer Co., Ltd., the parent company that supports Energy Optimizer's core technology, has been certified by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) as a New Energy Venture Technology Innovation Project Phase B and C. , completed the development of a unique cloud system equipped with AI for new electricity supply and demand management operations. Obtained three related patents related to electricity supply and demand business automation, and in June 2018 launched fully automatic energy supply and demand/adjustment management service."Ene Partner Series"It has been officially released as.

In this demonstration project, we developed a function for VPP that utilizes small-scale resources as an extension of the EnePartner series. We will work on a demonstration that will integrate the control of small-scale resources connected for a short time as adjustment force in response to control commands for power supply and demand adjustment from the aggregation coordinator.

Energy Optimizer is a VPP that integrates small-scale resources such as household and industrial storage batteries, emergency generators, and EVs on this platform, and adjusts and manages supply and demand in the same way as large-scale power plants. We aim to realize this and implement a next-generation cloud-based comprehensive energy management system in society.


Fully automatic energy supply and demand/adjustment management service
About “Ene Partner Series”



From forecasting the demand for high-voltage and low-voltage power, calculating the economically optimal power source mix, automatic bidding and contracting of market power sources, reflecting the position of renewable energy such as solar power generation, use of interconnected lines, and wide-area electric power management promotion organization. A series of operations, including notification to (OCCTO), are fully automated using AI and algorithms.
The next-generation system will automate and improve the accuracy of electricity retail operation operations at the balancing group level, which previously required a huge amount of human labor including specialized personnel and know-how. We have established the foundation for "exceeding coordination operations."

[About the subsidy project]
・Subsidy project name: FY2018 Virtual Power Plant Construction Demonstration Project Subsidy Utilizing Consumer-side Energy Resources (VPP Aggregator Project)
・Subsidy period: May 29, 2018 to February 1, 2019
・Business operator: Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd.: Technology research and development, demonstration experiments, research support

*: Regarding the selection results of the 2018 “Virtual Power Plant Construction Demonstration Project Subsidy Utilizing Consumer-side Energy Resources” (VPP) <Announced by SII on May 29, 2018>
URL: https://sii.or.jp/vpp30/adoption_result.html

■Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd.
Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd. is a registered electricity retailer that provides start-up and business support for electricity retail businesses and power generation businesses, including new power companies. A strategic subsidiary of Optimizer Co., Ltd. As one of Japan's leading comprehensive new electric power support providers, we utilize the practical operational know-how established through support for numerous new electric power companies, and the cloud-based power supply and demand automation system developed by Optimizer. Utilizing our advanced technology and business development capabilities, we are developing a variety of energy businesses, including Negawatt and VPP.

Company name: Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-7 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F
Representative: Representative Director Shusaku Tagawa
URL: https://www.optimizer.co.jp/energy-optimizing/
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry registered retail electricity business registration number A-0212

■ Optimizer Co., Ltd.
A comprehensive strategic marketing company celebrating its 14th year in business. ``WEB customer attraction optimization business'' that makes full use of cutting-edge web technology, ``Energy optimization business'' in conjunction with electric power liberalization, and ``Overseas distribution optimization business'' that promotes wholesale of overseas products such as biomass fuel in cooperation with embassies of various countries. We are developing a variety of businesses that fully utilize marketing theory to connect businesses and consumers.

Company name: Optimizer Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-7 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F
Representative: Representative Director Shusaku Tagawa
URL: https://www.optimizer.co.jp/
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