<Notice> Power Optimizer Co., Ltd., which specializes in local retail electricity business, has been certified as a company to attract by Akita Prefecture and Akita City

Optimizer groupPower Optimizer Inc.(hereinafter referred to as Power Optimizer) is pleased to inform you that we received the invitation company certification from Akita Prefecture and Akita City on December 5, 2017 (Tuesday).

Regarding energy management automation technology, our company plans to work on applied development aimed at incorporating various energy resources and using them more efficiently, based on the technology that our parent company has developed to date. In order to implement this initiative, in October 2017, we changed the company name to Power Optimizer and opened the head office of our direct sales retail electricity business, with the aim of using the technology we had cultivated to help revitalize Akita, where our CEO is from. We decided to locate in Akita City, and at the same time moved our head office to Akita City. We have been certified as an attracting company by Akita Prefecture and Akita City.

In the future, with the aim of promoting economic circulation within the region, we will contribute to the creation of a city that will lead to the future together with the local people through further technological development.

[About Power Optimizer Co., Ltd.]
Established as Ryokushin Electric Power in February 2015 with the business purpose of selling electricity and consulting on the construction of renewable energy power plants. Utilizing AI energy management automation technology developed by our parent company Optimizer Co., Ltd. with a subsidy from NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), we will improve the efficiency of energy use for electricity consumers such as companies. We are aiming to achieve fully automatic operation of a series of tasks in the retail electricity business, from power generation to facility-based power demand forecasting and supply and demand management, using energy management automation technology that utilizes AI technology. .

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