ICT Optimization


What is digital signage? Digital signage is a general term for devices that use electronic display devices such as displays to transmit information in various places such as stores, transportation facilities, and public facilities. The market is expanding as a tool for disseminating information optimized for facility users and visitors due to the price reduction of the display itself and the diversification of the distribution content. In particular, in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the number of new installations, additions, and replacements will increase, and in terms of functionality, multilingualization and high resolution will progress, making it an interactive content.

β Reception (Beauty Reception App)

Introducing "βReception," an iPad-exclusive reception app that provides a smart and multilingual welcome for visitors. The women of βReception guide your guests. Have you ever thought, about wanting to make the reception area more vibrant or thinking it would be great if we could accommodate customers from overseas or wanting to introduce a new reception app without incurring costs? βReception solves these concerns! Choose from multiple models with βReception, and ...

Unlimited Business Phone (Cloud PBX)

Cloud Technology: Achieving Simple, Convenient, and High-performance - Cloud Business Phone. Expand Sales Performance and Customer Interaction Abilities Rapidly. 'Cloud Business Phone' enables effortless, effective, and high-performing solutions through cloud technology. 'We want to efficiently leverage our existing customer information system for sales activities.' 'We want compatibility with smartphones and PC softphones, not just landlines!' 'We aim to transition our ...