Free Unlimited Line (Corporate IP phone line service)


Countdown starts for MyLine phasing out due to ISDN and ADSL end!
Revolutionary low-cost IP phone line "Unlimited Line”
Optimizing communication costs!

After the latter half of the fiscal year 2020, two significant communication services, "ISDN" and "ADSL", will be terminated.
Despite the widespread adoption of broadband, these services still have over 3 million lines in use,
and their discontinuation will have a substantial impact.

In the realm of business phones, the service known as "MyLine",
which allowed choosing the current telephone company for ISDN and ADSL lines, will also be discontinued.

The discontinuation of ISDN and ADSL, which still have demand at present, is due to the fact that by the year 2025,
the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) exchanges will reach their maintenance limits, making a comprehensive transition to IP networks essential.

At Optimizer, we are prepared for the impending societal impact of the countdown to the termination of ISDN and ADSL.
We are launching the provision of revolutionary low-cost IP phone lines to address this change.

  • "Would like to reduce my monthly call charges!"
  • "Would like to use my current phone number as an IP phone!"
  • "Would like to unify billing for telephone lines and PBX!"
  • “Would like to migrate to IP telephony, but the handover seems to be difficult, and I am not making progress…”

In order to solve such business problems,
Optimizer is committed to providing thorough support for the optimization of your communication costs.



3 features of the IP phone line service “Unlimited Line”

① Challenging industry's lowest prices! Unbeatable affordability for your calls.

Whether you're a tele-appointment call center person who needs a phone call or just a representative phone,
The size and use are unlimited! Cost reduction can be achieved simply by changing the line.


Take a look at- Line cost comparison

If you have an all-you-can-eat line,
To landline7.4 yen(8.1 yen including tax)/3 minutes
To mobile phone15.4 yen(16.9 yen including tax)/1 minute
Inter-site call0 Yen






Challenging the industry's lowest prices.
Cost reduction effect with a satisfying percentage!

Cost reduction of up to 60% compared to other companies' lines!
Just by changing the telephone line, the cost can be reduced so much.



② Current phone number can be used as is (Number Portability supported)

With Free Unlimited Line, you can not only take over the phone number you are currently using, but also issue a new area code other than 03 and 06, which is not possible with other companies.

Benefits of number portability

jhl_pointNo need to inform existing customers about changing phone numbers!
jhl_pointNo need to change the phone number listed on your business card or website!
jhl_pointNo need to change your phone number when moving!


*Some areas do not support number portability.
* Only analog lines and ISDN lines can be transferred.
* A separate gateway (converter) recommended by our company is required to take over the optical line.

③ No need to change internet contract!
Just switch your existing phone line to a free unlimited line!

Your current "lines" that your company is using can actually result in a significant reduction in your telephone lining costs
by simply switching. By using the latest cloud-based PBX service, "Unlimited Access Business Phone," where receiving calls costs
only 300 yen for a single device, your company can achieve the utmost in total cost reduction.


You can choose from two deployment methods



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