Energy Optimization


Currently, with the social theme of "electricity liberalization", market entry regulations have been eased in the electric power industry, which has been regarded as a natural monopoly.
Market competition is about to accelerate. At Optimizer Group, we are addressing societal challenges such as fluctuations in electricity
bills and efficient resource allocation in energy infrastructure by integrating our IT technology.
We are committed to the comprehensive energy business, enabling consumers (power users) to make optimal choices.

Self-consumption type renewable energy supply "Digiene"

"Dejien" is a self-consumption type renewable energy supply. During disasters, there is a possibility of critical issues for business continuity, such as: (1) Power supply outage (blackout) (2) Gas supply outage (3) Water supply outage (fuel procurement, gas stations). Power outage leads to complete stoppage of computers, telephones, lighting, air conditioning, and production lines. Gas outage affects the availability of baths. Water outage affects ...

Relative power trading platform

Over 40 member companies! Independent of the wholesale market! Introducing a new electricity trading (bilateral trading) platform. Currently, securing a stable power source unaffected by wholesale price fluctuations is in demand. In January 2021, the price surge at the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX) has drawn attention to alternative power sourcing outside of JEPX. While the causes and solutions are still under discussion, there is a growing movement among retail..

Support center BPO service

Support center BPO service for new power and retail electricity business operators Realize a comprehensive marketing and support center that integrates not only customer support but also acquisition of new subscribers and sales to subscribers Support center that only responds to questions from subscribers , the optimizer radically changes its image. With the support center as the cornerstone of customer service in marketing, we have created an “aggressive” support center model …

Electricity, gas, MVNO, regular customer sales "Ene Partner CIS"

Customer rate management cloud system “Ene-Partner CIS” Supports cross-selling development Electricity, gas, communication, product sales … By using “Ene-Partner CIS” that supports customer management for all infrastructure businesses, set sales such as electricity + gas can be done once Collective management is possible at the top! Thorough support for the realization of flexible and free cross-selling ideas that are essential …

Order/billing operation agency

Outsourced support for new electric power companies, which have a lot of work. Agency service that can flexibly handle various operations of new electric power companies.In the new electric power business, we will process new orders and billing processes that correspond to complicated fee systems and diversification of menus. Therefore, a huge amount of time and cost is incurred for its operation and calculation work. At Optimizer, we have established a system that can flexibly…

Balancing group composition

Formation and strategic operation of a balancing group A balancing group is a representative contract system recognized in the wheeling supply agreements of electric power companies. It is a scheme to reduce the cost due to imbalance by adjusting the imbalance between each participating PPS by collecting multiple new electric power. New electric power companies are obliged to implement a 30-minute simultaneous equalization system that reduces the error between the amount ...