<Notice> Optimizer, a professional web marketer teaches "The latest web strategy seminar for EC business success that you can't hear now"

For corporations aiming to improve the efficiency of EC operations and increase sales
A total of 3 seminar series will be held.

Optimizer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa) provides basic know-how for thinking about EC strategies and how to use digital marketing centered on SNS advertising, etc., for EC and mail order businesses. The first of a three-part series of seminars will be held on October 26, 2017 (Thursday) at 5:00 pm in Akasaka, Tokyo.


The number of e-commerce businesses is increasing year by year, and according to the results of a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the domestic BtoC-EC market exceeded 15 trillion yen in 2016. As competition is expected to intensify due to new entrants, it is important to utilize digital marketing centered around SNS advertising in order to further improve the efficiency of EC operations and increase sales.

In this seminar, a professional web marketer will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the "system" that can significantly increase sales and customer satisfaction. Starting tomorrow, marketers in the e-commerce and mail-order business will learn tips for acquiring new customers (=fans of their company) with high LTV (customer lifetime value) and important points for successfully converting customers into loyal customers. We will share practical know-how that you will want to try in three parts.

This seminar is mainly aimed at those who are considering starting a mail order business or those who have already started a mail order business but are not having success.

[Seminar program ~1st new discovery edition~]

<Part 1>
“The basic know-how of EC strategy planning that every EC person should know is revealed”

With the spread of smartphones and tablets, consumers can now use e-commerce anytime and anywhere, and the e-commerce market continues to grow rapidly. Under such circumstances, expanding your business using web marketing is an essential strategy. However, with so many measures in place, we tend to lose sight of what we are doing now and what our goals are.
"There are so many things to do that I can't prioritize how to increase sales."
I get a lot of problems like this. At times like these, it is important to re-set goals and clarify what you should aim for in order to steadily increase sales.
The first part provides easy-to-understand explanations of how to visualize the current situation by analyzing market superiority and inferiority, as well as how to find ways to win, such as how to find appeals and appeals that stick to users and competitive advantages. We will reveal the basic know-how of EC strategy planning that every EC person should know.

<Part 2>
“What is the mechanism for acquiring new customers with high LTV (customer lifetime value)?”

In order to further increase sales and customer satisfaction, it is necessary to implement both ``measures to acquire new customers'' and ``measures to attract repeat customers from existing customers.'' In particular, approaching new customers is an important point in "turning customers into loyal customers." Therefore, we will introduce measures to "acquire new customers" so that they will continue to become "fans". We will tell you all about how to discover potential customers as well as acquire new prospects based on the latest success stories.

*In order to provide you with the latest information, some of the above contents may be subject to change.


Business operators conducting EC/mail order
Those who are having trouble with sales not increasing despite implementing various measures
Those who want to acquire new customers with high LTV (=fans of their company)
Those who want to strengthen repeat sales
Those who want to improve marketing efficiency
Those who want to further improve the loyalty of existing customers

[Date and time]

1st October 26, 2017 (Thursday) 17:00-18:30 (Registration starts 16:40-)
2nd November 28, 2017 (Tuesday)
3rd December 19, 2017 (Tuesday)
*Each seminar is independent, so you can fully practice even if you only attend once.
*Schedule is subject to change.


Orient Akasaka Mortside Building 2F, 1-1-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Optimizer Co., Ltd. Seminar Room
2 minutes walk from Akasaka Mitsuke Station Exit B

【Entry fee】



25 companies (first come, first served, up to 3 people per company)
*This seminar is for advertisers. Please refrain from participation from other companies in the same industry.

[How to apply]

For details and to apply, please visit the URL below.

■“WEB Marketing Seminar” hosted by Optimizer, which boasts a total of 500 participating companies.

This seminar is held free of charge for web marketers by Optimizer Co., Ltd., which aims to "optimize" Internet information using web marketing measures in order to provide truly valuable services to customers.

A variety of topics related to web marketing will be explained by professional web marketing instructors. Various seminars have been held every month since 2015, and the total number of participating companies has exceeded 500.
(as of October 2017)

<Overview of the operating company>

About Optimizer Co., Ltd. (http://www.optimizer.co.jp/)
We are a comprehensive strategic marketing company that is celebrating its 13th year in business. We are collaborating with the ``WEB customer attraction optimization business'' that makes full use of cutting-edge WEB technology, the ``energy optimization business'' in conjunction with electricity liberalization, the Japanese general agent of the popular American apparel brand ``Mud Pie'', and the embassies of various countries. We are developing a variety of businesses that fully utilize marketing theory to connect companies and consumers, such as the ``Overseas Distribution Optimization Business,'' which promotes the wholesale of overseas products such as biomass fuel.

Location: 1-1-7 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F
Representative: Representative Director Shusaku Tagawa
Established: February 2005
Business content: Web customer attraction optimization business, energy optimization business, overseas distribution optimization business, information transmission optimization business

*This seminar has ended.