Smart hospitality for visitors with multilingual support. Reception application for iPad "βReception" released (2019/9/12)

Optimizer Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa, hereafter referred to as Optimizer) has released a multi-language reception application for iPad "βReception" on Thursday, September 12th. rice field. You can select your favorite model from multiple models, and it is characterized by being able to accept as if you were talking to a person, and it is a reception application that can be linked with business phones that support the SIP protocol.

In addition, we have prepared 6 female real models as the first release. Models are not limited to real models, but will continue to be added in the future, including various collaborations.

βReceptionプレス用■ Features of β Reception

1. Reasonable introduction cost
If you hire one receptionist, you have to think about monthly labor costs. However, with β Reception, it is possible to introduce from 4,650 yen / person per month per model in Japanese yen.

2. World standard SIP protocol compliant
Since "SIP", a telephone technology that uses Internet technology, can be used, you can connect your iPad to your internal extension phone, smartphone, or PC of your choice via SIP, and use the iPad itself as an extension cordless handset. is possible. *
* We have confirmed compatibility with major PBXs such as Asterisk, but we do not guarantee operation. We recommend that you check whether it can be linked with your SIP business phone during the 14-day trial period before purchasing.

3. No need for difficult settings
All you have to do is prepare an iPad with βReception installed and perform simple settings. You don't need difficult skills just to register the phone with the iOS standard contacts.

4. Multi-language implementation
In addition to Japanese, we have English, Chinese, and Korean available. We can also accommodate foreign customers. *
* Model dialogue is only for compatible models (text display supports 4 countries)

■ App overview


■ App name:βReception
■Usage image:* The image is an image, and the design may differ.


■ Fees and functions:
βレセプション 表 最新


■ Optimizer Co., Ltd.


Company name: Optimizer Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-7 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F
Established: February 15, 2005
Representative: Representative Director Shusaku Tagawa
Business: ICT business development, web marketing business, energy business, etc.

Starting with the web marketing business, we currently have a “web marketing business” centered on the performance-based advertising platform Medipartner, an “energy business” that was born with the liberalization of electricity, and an “overseas distribution business” that promotes wholesale of overseas products. , Developing a wide range of businesses with the aim of “optimization” in many fields. Furthermore, we research and develop cutting-edge technologies such as cross-reality, artificial intelligence, and sensing technology, and promote businesses that combine them with each industry.

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