Support for reducing low-voltage electricity charges Started accepting advance consultations for the “Bulk negotiation for multiple stores” service

Stay ahead of the full liberalization of electricity retail!

Optimizer Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa; hereinafter referred to as Optimizer), which operates "", a bulk electricity quotation service for high-voltage contracts, will start operations from April 1, 2016. From November 19, 2015, we will start pre-consultation for the "Bulk Negotiation for Multiple Stores" service for businesses with many stores, in preparation for the full liberalization of the electricity market.

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This is the point↓↓↓

★Achieve this by negotiating with all stores at once.Overwhelming volume discount

★Optimal and low-cost switching of electricity retail companiesSupported by specialized consultants

★This is because we are the optimizer of "Shinryoku," which has one of the best track records in the industry for providing bulk estimates for new power.negotiation power

[Background of provision]

With the full liberalization of the electricity retail market on April 1, 2016, Japan's electric power market, worth over 80 million yen and worth over 20 trillion yen, will be opened up. As large-scale factories and office buildings that contract for "high-voltage" power of 50kW or more are realizing reductions in electricity charges, "low-voltage" power contracts will also be newly liberalized from next spring, and Japan's We are entering an era in which all business operators will choose the most suitable power company.

In preparation for the liberalization of the low-voltage market in April next year, Optimizer will provide business operators with a large number of restaurants and retail stores with comprehensive estimation services that Optimizer has cultivated in the high-voltage market and management support for new electric power companies. We will start accepting advance consultations for the “Bulk negotiation for multiple stores” service, which supports the reduction of low-voltage electricity charges by providing overwhelming know-how.

[Key points of the "Bulk negotiation for multiple stores" service]

■Negotiation power of the optimizer

``I want to reduce electricity bills'' Many businesses stumbled when they tried to switch to new electricity alone, ``I don't know which new electricity company to ask,'' ``I can't judge whether this is an appropriate amount,'' and ``Comparative quotations.'' "It was difficult." This is the voice of a business operator who actually succeeded in switching high-voltage contracts on ``Shindenryoku''

The same thing could happen with full liberalization in April next year.
Therefore, with Optimizer's "New Electricity Multi-Store Collective Negotiations", even for businesses that are difficult to negotiate advantageous prices alone, electric power specialist consultants can collectively negotiate with electric power companies. It allows you to obtain special unit prices and obtain overwhelming volume discounts.

■Advantageous benefits as it is just before full liberalization is lifted.

New electric power companies and electric power retailers will be able to proceed with favorable negotiations as they will actively acquire customers toward April next year. We want you to take action now so you don't miss out on this opportunity, so we have started accepting advance consultations.

■Power business x IT technology that fits the times

Optimizer currently provides web advertising marketing business, supply and demand management agency service that requires advanced power management know-how for new power companies, support for establishment and management of new power companies, and cloud-based core system for new power companies. , provides services that support the core of new power management.

With our bargaining power, which we have gained through our network and transaction experience with new electric power companies throughout Japan, and our extensive support system from our new electric power consultants, who are familiar with the electric power industry, we are optimal and low-cost for retailers with a large number of stores. We will support you in selecting a suitable electricity retailer.