TUCKER'S Snacks where you can casually eat the hottest superfoods (quinoa, chia seeds, freekeh, flaxseed/linseed)!

TUCKER'S, a natural snack from Australia

No trans fat!

Feel free to enjoy the hottest superfoods (quinoa, chia seeds, freekeh, flaxseed/linseed)♪



In 2007, when the health-conscious TUCKER'S (TUCKER family) were shopping in Australia, they could not find a satisfying product, and the brand story began.

"We do not use artificially modified materials as raw materials."

We do not use any additives such as preservatives, and we have selected high-quality flour that is unbleached and safe to eat.

In just eight years, TUCKER'S has earned the trust and support of health-conscious consumers.


〈Past award history〉

*Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
*That's Life! Product Award for Entertaining
*Healthy Food Award for Best Healthy Snack for Entertaining
*South Australian Food Industry Awards



What is a natural snack?

4 types of products

(From right) Chia seeds, linseed & freekeh, rosemary & rock salt, chili, rye & quinoa

All are made without using trans fats, artificial additives, genetically modified crops, etc.

"Chia seeds", "linseeds", and "quinoa" are already being talked about as superfoods.
"Freekeh (roasted green barley)", which is currently attracting attention, is a product that you can easily consume with the cutting edge of food!

*What is Freekeh?

It is a super food that is currently attracting attention mainly in NY.
In the Middle East, it has been valued since ancient times for its rich dietary fiber.

Its dietary fiber content is said to be four times that of brown rice and twice that of quinoa! !

We use "Freekeh" for all three types other than "Rye & Quinoa" out of the four types we handle,
Please choose Flavor according to your mood♪