Energy-saving measures to counter electricity price increases


As electricity rates are rising nationwide, we are doing what we can to
Acquire knowledge to save as much electricity as possible within reason.

■Cause of price increase

Why are the prices going up in the first place?
The cause is that the procurement costs of natural gas, oil, and coal have skyrocketed since February 2022 due to changes in the global situation.This is because it leads to an increase in electricity rates.

■Percentage of electricity usage at home

*Summer lighting zone (around 7pm)

1st place: Air conditioner
2nd place: Lighting
3rd place: Refrigerator

Of course, the amount of electricity you use will vary depending on the home appliances you use, but these three are the main ones.
Additionally, the latest home appliances are often designed to consume less electricity.
Replacing home appliances can save energy and electricity, so it's worth considering.

■What kind of power saving measures are available?

Some people choose not to use electricity in order to reduce their electricity bill as much as possible, but
It is extremely dangerous to make such a decision in a situation where the temperature is high day after day and the thickness index is ``dangerous.''
Money is important, but I want people to reconsider whether it's more important than life, and start taking measures to save electricity where they can.

▼Air conditioner

- Save approximately 940 yen/year by setting the air conditioner to 27-28℃.
・If you reduce air conditioner operation by one hour a day, you can save approximately 580 yen/year.
-Cleaning the filter once or twice a month will save you approximately 990 yen/year.


- Save approximately 840 yen/year by changing screen brightness settings.
・If you reduce your viewing time by 1 hour a day, you will save approximately 520 yen/year.


- Replacing fluorescent lamps with LED lamps will last about 7 times longer, and you can save approximately 2,110 yen/year by replacing fluorescent lamps with LED ceiling lights.
・Reducing the lighting time of incandescent bulbs by one hour a day will save approximately 610 yen/year.


・If you create a gap around the refrigerator, you can save about 1,400 yen/year.
・If you cut the amount of items in the refrigerator in half, you will save approximately 1,360 yen/year.

▼Cooking appliances

・Preparing vegetables in the microwave (compared to cooking with gas) saves approximately 990 yen/year.
- You can save approximately 3,330 yen/year by reducing the heating time of your electric kettle.

▼Washing dryer

・If you cut the number of washes in half by bulk washing, you can save approximately 4,510 yen/year (electricity bill + water bill).
・If you use both natural drying and a dryer, you can save approximately 12,230 yen/year.


The power saving measures listed above are only a partial list, and there are still many things that can be done.
Also, although saving electricity is not something you are forced to do, a little awareness will lead to savings in electricity bills later.
I want to take on challenges wherever I can.