Operational tips for Google Ads when the trade area is limited to the region

(1) Google Search Ads: Named Search x Interest Targeting

 [Example of a car loan from a local bank]

■ Issues

・Delivery with low CPA in nomination search “bank name x car loan”

・ CPA soars with nomination search “bank name” alone

・ CPA soars further in general search “My car loan”

・CPA improvement

■ Measures and countermeasures

Delivered by multiplying interest targeting (affinity, segment with high purchase intention) to a single designated search.

■ Results

When compared to "bank name x car loan", the CPA is soaring, but it is delivered at a lower CPA compared to general-purpose keywords.

"Bank name": CPA about ¥40,000

"Bank name x interest": CPA ¥ 20,000

*Measurement period may vary

■ Consequence factors

When users who are interested in cars search by bank name, many users want to purchase a car with a loan. Search advertising x interest targeting is effective.

(2) Google Search Ads: Regional segmentation of campaigns

 [Case study at a vocational school]

■ Issues

・I want to increase the number of achievements in prefecture A. (There are many Tuesday students from A prefecture, and I would like to gather high school students from A prefecture)

■ Measures and countermeasures

Currently, multiple prefectures were displayed as one campaign and advertising text for activities,

Create a separate campaign only for prefectures where you want to strengthen customer attraction,

We also created a special advertisement that emphasized the merits, such as "easily commuting from prefecture A."

■ Results

CVR improved by 115% compared to before implementation of measures


■ Consequence factors

At the same time, we were able to differentiate ourselves from the competitors' advertisements, which were displayed in listing ads, because there were not many advertisements that appealed to the area.

(3) Google search ads: Increase the number of CVs by targeting the “region unknown layer” for products with specified regions

■ Issues

There is a limit to the number of nomination searches that can get the most acquisition for products with limited regions.

Since the distribution area is also limited to the commercial area, the number of acquisitions will not increase unless the number of trademark searches increases.

■ Measures and countermeasures

Aiming for products with designated regions for “unknown regions”, and using search advertising trademarks to distribute advertisements without region designation.

■ Results

Existing trademark campaign (regional only): Reference CPA about ¥23,000

New trademark campaign (Nationwide (area setting unknown)): Reference CPA approx. ¥2,500

■ Consequence factors

During this test period, the number of impressions for the new trademark campaign is less than 100, so

Although the number of data is insufficient, it is expected to increase the number of reach and increase the number of acquisitions.