Optimize America's No. 1 baby clothing brand in the global distribution business! The only carter's full lineup in Japan can be ordered!

In 2008, the Global Commerce Division began distribution of the American baby clothing brand "carter's."
We are engaged in online sales for the general public from our own site, Rakuten Mall. Furthermore, for retailers and online shops
Also engaged in wholesale business. It is used by many shops.

What is Carter's?

Carters was founded in Massachusetts, USA in 1865.
It is a children's clothing brand that handles a wide range of children's, babies, and toys that have been loved in the United States for over 100 years.
With a cute design and sturdy stitching that can withstand dryers, it has excellent functionality.
The share is proud of the top in the United States so as to be said that I grow up wearing Carters.

Internet sales site for general public
Carter's Land Official Site
Rakuten Carters Land

The number of products is different only in the Carters specialty store! New arrivals are faster than anywhere else!

About wholesale for retailers

Advantages of peace of mind, safety, and planned orders

① Peace of mind genuine product security
Carter's is a popular product, so there are many counterfeits and uninspected products imported by individuals.
We use our own route to purchase directly from the United States.

②Purchase PL insurance for safety
The products we handle are subject to formalin inspection at the time of domestic arrival. Also enrolled in PL insurance
It is possible to provide safe products.

③ Twice a year order fair and monthly regular order
You can pre-order products twice a year for spring/summer and autumn/winter items. In addition, regarding standard products,
Repeat orders are possible at the monthly order meeting. Premeditated order according to shop inventory
You can consider it.

About the order party

We hold order fairs in January and June every year.
We obtain catalogs that are difficult to obtain in Japan, guide them to retailers, and receive orders.
We collect orders from each company and place an order with the manufacturer. Half a year later, when it becomes domestic arrival,
We sort and ship each company's reservation.

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