April 2019 NEWS for each media

NEWS for each media

This is a notice of new functions and new information related to web advertising.

1. Yahoo! Search Ads

① Sponsored Search Update

Trial offering of trademark infringement complaints to some advertisers started. Trademark usage restrictions apply to all advertisers.


Restrictions on use of trademarks

If the trademark owner applies to restrict the use of the trademark in the Yahoo! Sponsored Search ad text to prevent damage to their brand,
Use of trademarks by third parties may be restricted.
Advertisements that include trademarks that fall under usage restrictions in the ad text will be suspended or will not be able to create new ones, and will not be posted.
Ads must be created without the applicable trademark in order to run.

Regarding allegations of trademark infringement

  • Trademark owners can apply to restrict the use of their trademarks in advertising text by third parties to prevent pre-existing of their brand.
  • Since it is currently being offered as a trial, only some advertisers can apply.


2. Google Ads

① Search Ads Update

Increased the amount of text that can be added to call-only ads.


What are call-only ads?

Call-only ads are text ads that appear only on devices that are capable of calling, and when you tap the ad, a call is made directly to the phone number you set. You can't link to LP like normal ads. It can be said that it is an advertisement that can "only" make a phone call.

Billing form

CPC billing system (same as regular search ads)


Update contents

■ Increased amount of text/Company name display position change

  • Add headings 1 and 2 (up to 30 half-width characters)
  • Increase the maximum number of characters for descriptions 1 and 2 (up to 90 half-width characters)
  • Change of company name display position (beginning of explanation)

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