New ads that deliver experiences

Investigation period/responsibility

Survey period: February 2021
Person in charge: YM

What is VR advertising?

Simply put, VR advertising is advertising placed in a VR space.
When you browse video platforms such as Youtube, you may see ads while browsing.

Similarly, on VR platforms, advertisements can be displayed in the VR space.
Advertisements displayed in this VR space are called VR advertisements.

Currently, various companies are working on advertisements using VR,
With the spread of VR, it will be established as a new advertisement.

Advantages of VR advertising

What do you think are the benefits of VR advertising?

The biggest advantage of VR advertising is
"It's about being able to provide a more realistic experience for users."

Current advertisements are mainly on TV, websites, smartphone apps, Youtube, etc.
Publishing on video sites has become mainstream.

The content of advertisements varies, but most of them are celebrities, catchy phrases, and impressive productions.
It is expressed in still images or videos to attract the user's interest.

However, VR advertising can provide users with a more realistic experience in the VR space.

For example, in the case of overseas travel advertisements, by distributing advertisements for travel destinations that users are actually considering, it is possible to simulate the appeal of the destination.

Also, when promoting car sales, you can see the appearance of the car more realistically,
You will also be able to get in the car and experience the scenery seen from the driver's seat.

In this way, VR advertising can provide users with more realistic experiences and emotions.

Challenges of VR advertising

“The name of VR advertising alone sounds amazing, so why isn’t it becoming more popular?”
The current situation is that there are still many problems with VR advertising.

I would like to introduce three of the biggest challenges.

(1) Little distribution of VR headsets
I think that the number of people who know the word VR has increased compared to before.

However, there are not many people who have actually experienced VR or purchased a VR head-mounted display.

Another problem is that head-mounted displays are expensive and cannot be purchased casually.
Due to the nature of VR, it is not possible to fully utilize VR content without a dedicated device such as a head-mounted display.

The popularization of head-mounted displays in general households will be one of the major challenges in the future.

(2) The cost of creating VR content is high
Until now, most video content was flat, and there was no problem if it was created assuming that it would be viewed from one side.

However, in the VR world, you can see any angle of 360 degrees.
In order to produce an immersive feeling in the VR world, high quality images and CG are required.

Therefore, it takes a huge amount of time and money to create one piece of content.

③ The number of VR creators is small
Another problem is that there are fewer creators who can create VR content compared to normal videos.
With the spread of VR in the future, it will be necessary to solve the problem of securing human resources who can produce and production costs.

The future of VR advertising

“Do you think VR advertising will become popular?”
Ten years ago, flip phones were so popular that it was unthinkable that they would disappear.

However, many people touched the new experience of "smartphones" and changed from Garake to smartphones.
Advertisements are also similar to those that attract users with expressions and productions
I believe that advertisements that convey real emotions will become widespread.

Therefore, I think that you should definitely check out VR advertising, as it will lead to the next business opportunity just by having a simple preliminary knowledge.