Promotion using YouTubers and influencers

What is a YouTuber/Influencer?


In recent years, the frequency of use of media, especially among young people, has increased.YouTubeorInstagram.
Users who have a lot of viewers and followers in those mediaYouTuberinfluenceris called


YouTuberinfluenceris to receive requests from companies, etc. to introduce their products and services
YouTuberinfluencerIt is commonly called policy.

If you introduce a product or service to a person with a large number of subscribers and followers, the information will spread to tens of thousands to millions of people in an instant. thenExplosive increase in website traffic,Raise awareness,In addition, product purchase (introduction)It is one of the measures that has been attracting attention in recent years because it leads to

YouTuberorinfluencerhas been turned into a “talent” and has become a celebrity for users. Viewers and followers have become a kind of fan and are admired
YouTuberorinfluencerbutPurchasing and using the products and services introducedThere is also a movement to
Companies are asking for jobs.


How to choose a Youtuber/Influencer

Youtuberorinfluencertend to post information about specific categories, and tend to have viewers and followers.
For example, posting makeup videos and how to apply makeupYoutuberinfluencerIf,
Women who are interested in make-up, fishing lovers for fishing videos, etc.YoutuberinfluencerViewers and followers vary.

YoutuberinfluencerIf you chooseChoose those who have many target audiences and followers for your products and services.I recommend



Expenses of Youtubers and influencers

YoutuberinfluencerThe request fee is mainly determined by the number of channel subscribers, average number of views, number of followers, etc. (Example: 1 follower 〇 yen etc.).

Depending on the contents of the other plans, the cost will change depending on the transportation expenses (have you come to the designated place), secondary use (using video and post content capture on the homepage), etc.


Optimizer YouTuber/Influencer case studies

While there are many such advantages,YouTuberinfluencerjust by using
There is also a side that annoys marketers, such as it being unclear whether it led to "actual sales increase".

Originally at our company,A web marketing company that focuses on acquisitionasYouTuberinfluencerWhen implementing measures that utilizeHow will it contribute to the final sale?We are proposing based on ".



What are YouTuber/influencer measures implemented by Optimizer?

YouTuberinfluencerof"Branding measuresIt is common to track KPI with "number of views" and "number of likes", but our company is not limited to that, but "How will it lead to final sales?” and think about the plan.

Case: YouTuber + Case using WEB advertisement


YouTuberIt does not end just by using
Improving site traffic and product purchases (service introduction)This is an example of what happened.

In addition to simply increasing exposure,Up to the final harvest by approaching newly reached usersdo.



Example: Flow until the start of measures using YouTubers and influencers

(1) Hearing of issues

(2) Suggestions (measures using YouTubers and influencers, and web advertising)
・Suggestions for YouTubers and influencers to use
・Web advertising measures using YouTubers and influencers


④ Planning, video shooting, preparation of advertising measures

⑤Start of measures

We anticipate that it will take about 1-2 months to start the measures.


Leave it to the casting of YouTubers and influencers

We are more thanHow will it contribute to the final sale?” is the axis that best matches the measuresYouTuberIn order to cast theUUUM Inc.""Kiii Co., Ltd.We have a track record of dealing with the industry's largest office such as Mr.

everyone knowsYouTuberorInstagrammerandinfluencercan be cast.

*We will use the cost of the promotionYouTuberinfluencerIt changes depending on
Please contact us for details.

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