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WordPress is the king of CMS

Service_WPconstructop_01WordPress is used as a CMS on approximately 55% websites around the world. There is a reason why it is used by more than half of websites.

Not only is it easy to use as a CMS, but it also has a rich development environment because it is used by many people.

Implementation performance data:
As of September 2010, 8.51 TP3T of the entire Internet was created using WordPress, and it is used on over 26 million websites.

More than 250 million people read blogs hosted on WordPress.com every month.
Microsoft Corporation

As of August 2014, there were 48,768,888 WordPress 3.9 downloads.
automatic company


CMS approved by Google

Matt Cutts, one of the heads of Google's search engine development department, has confirmed that WordPress is effective in increasing search engine visibility in Google searches. Matt Cutts is Google's search quality expert and leader of the anti-spam team in the Search Quality group, the division responsible for ranking Google search results.

Matt Cutts is also well-known for his work giving advice on Google's search engine strategies to reduce spam and increase the number of valuable sites.


Optimizer WordPress

wordpressのロゴOptimizer uses WordPress as its CMS. This is not only because the optimizer developer is good at PHP and MySQL.

WordPress functions are added and developed by adding and developing plugins, and there are currently 34,000 plugins available, and by customizing them, you can have the advantage of building any website.

Additionally, Optimizer has extensive experience in search engine marketing, and we also create and customize themes specifically for search engine exposure. By adding the development capabilities of WordPress, we will take the trust we have cultivated from our clients to the next level and return it to our clients.


Build optimization in WordPress

When building a website with WordPress, the optimizer performs a wide range of optimizations to enhance exposure, such as creating a site configuration diagram by the director in charge, setting categories and tags, and setting permalinks.
In addition to meta tags and meta keywords, we also suggest heading tags and catchphrases, and provide structure that takes into account directories and page transitions.
We will also strengthen exposure by supporting smartphones and tablet PCs, which have become increasingly important in recent years, using the same URL.


Optimizer’s WordPress achievements introduction

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