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What is Medipartner?

MedipartnerBuild a network centered on powerful sitesperformance-based advertisingASP (affiliate service provider)is.
ASPhas the role of connecting advertisers and advertising media such as comparison sites, and not only provides a system that can measure clicks and results (purchases, applications, etc.).We support you in acquiring new customers on the web by selecting comparison sites to post on and checking the content on your behalf.To do.



Medipartner's strengths

Customer attraction/acquisition/customer analysisWith these three pillars, we support advertisers' marketing efforts from multiple angles.



Customer attraction method
① Attract customers by dividing them into latent and actual groups and using methods suitable for each.

Acquisition method
①Improvement of EFO (application form)
②Produce competitive content
③ Entry form improvement

Customer analysis method



Customer attraction method

1. Overt layer

We have a network of top affiliates that are closest to acquisition and can efficiently acquire the visible demographic that can become good customers.



  • Attracting customers through top SEO media
  • Attracting customers through search-linked advertising media

[Example of results]
Human resources industry site operator
Advertiser A: Number of monthly acquisitions ⇒ 400

1. Visible demographic – Attracting customers through media that ranks high in search results



What are the top search results media?
Media that appears at the top of search results when performing a natural search on a search engine.

It is possible to attract customers on information and comparison sites for the purpose of advertising revenue other than PR sites and blogs operated by companies.

Word of mouth, reputation, reviews


Blog/Personal Site

We will suggest posting on media that will attract more users who are close to acquiring.

2. Visible demographic - Attracting customers through search-linked advertising media (listings)



What is search advertising media?

An advertisement that is displayed in conjunction with the search results when a user searches for a certain keyword on a search engine (such as Yahoo! or Google).


  • Since the media spends the amount of money to operate the ads, advertisers only pay the amount of performance fees.
  • You will be able to acquire users on KW that are not advertised in your own listing.

We provide thorough support for media from listing to operation.

2. latent layer

We have a network of top affiliates who specialize in specialized methods to acquire potential customers with the largest reach.



・SNS advertising media
・Questionnaire AD
・E-mail magazine media

Utilizing three methods, we uncover latent concerns of end users and lead to purchases and applications.

[Example of results]
Beauty industry site operator
Advertiser B: Number of monthly acquisitions ⇒ 2,000

1. Potential layer - SNS advertising media

Media distributes advertisements on SNS such as Facebook.
By inserting the article LP before the product LP, you can stimulate the user's desire to purchase.



We have a track record of 50 to 100 acquisitions per day for products in various categories.



Improving CVR by providing hospitality to end users



From end user entrance to closing
We consistently offer web customer service.



Entry form improvements

Reduce your withdrawal rate through dialogue!

It's not uncommon for users to leave the site due to the input form when they are just a few steps away from achieving conversion.
Assist users visiting your website with form filling and promote conversion.

[Example of results]Esthetics industry (visit program)
E-advertiser: CVR increased by 1.3 times by introducing chat tool



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