Instagram account management agency

Instagram account management agency

In recent years, general companies and individual businessesInstagramAs the use spreads, it is important to see how much it can lead to “fans” of the company.

the current,InstagramThere are more than 10,000 domestic companies (as of 2019) that use the service, and when combined with “business accounts” for personal businesses such as freelancers, the number of accounts exceeds 25,000, but it is still growing. is expected.



why companiesInstagramto use? companiesInstagramThere are two advantages of using .

Increased recognition of the company

Instagramhas a feature called "discovery tab" that displays "recommended posts for you" based on interests and connections between followers. There is a possibility that users who are not followers will notice the existence of the company, and if you continue to post regularly,InstagramYou can develop fans within yourself.



You can get closer to your users

InstagramNot only SNS media but also SNS media have a comment function, so compared to the "inquiry" on the official website, the threshold is much lower and users can feel free to give their opinions. In addition, if the company replies to comments, it will be possible to shorten the distance with the user, and the possibility of being recognized as a "company that is close to the user" will increase.

Even though the number of business accounts is increasing,Instagramis recognized as a medium for ordinary individuals to enjoy photography, so accounts for corporate and business purposes may be avoided. already in-houseInstagramEven if you are an operator, don't you have such a problem?

  • I can't get more followers
  • I tried to post it, but it didn't get "likes"
  • I don't know what hashtag to use
  • I don't have time to prepare a photo
  • not enough manpower
  • I ran a campaign, but the reaction was weak

OptimizerInstagramOur account management agency service will solve your problem. In the service we propose, we place emphasis on "recognition activities to get more users to know & branding measures to maintain fans",InstagramWe will help you manage your account.


Providing Instagram post content

We have operation plans to meet various concerns such as "I don't know what to post" or "I want to post but I don't have enough people".
In addition to posting content such as selection of photos, text, and hashtags, we also help with account launch, response to comments, and introduction of shopping functions.
In addition, we will provide better posted content while analyzing posts and improving operations.


SNS campaign proposal

We will propose an effective SNS campaign to expand the number of followers and increase the recognition of the company. From planning user-participation campaigns such as "Follow & Like Campaign" and "Hashtag Posting Campaign" to helping the campaign secretariat (selecting winners, sending winning notifications, etc.) .
We can also create a campaign page for you upon request. By operating it in conjunction with our SNS advertisement, we will create a mechanism to increase followers and enrich the account.

Instagram account operation example

Service product: cosmetics manufacturer
Campaign period: Late February 2019 to early March 2019 (about 2 weeks)

InstagramThis is an example of implementing a “Follow & Like Campaign” in parallel with advertising operations.
With the aim of increasing awareness of the launch of new products, we have implemented a “Follow & Like Campaign” with low hurdles for users, where users can participate simply by following the official account and “liking” a specific post.


We have been able to maintain followers by reviewing regular posts so that the followers we have acquired through the campaign will not leave.


About Instagram account agency fee


[Example of cosmetics manufacturer]
Basic plan applied (9 posts / month) 350,000 yen (excluding tax)
We can also create a plan according to your request.
Please feel free to contact us.

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