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“Visitor Optimizer” is the No. 1 user analysis solution that enables real-time, accurate, and advanced analysis.

リアルタイムでの情報取得が可能なビジターオプティマイザー“I have multiple analysis tools installed, but operating them is a hassle.”
“I want to make more use of access analysis tools in the operation of listing advertisements!”
“I want to respond to visiting users in real time.”

Visitor Optimizer will solve that problem for you!

In addition to the usual analysis functions such as inflow keywords, length of stay, and direct/joint effects, Visitor Optimizer has a wide range of functions such as analysis of visiting companies and a chat function. In addition, conventional analysis tools take time to obtain data, but Visitor Optimizer makes it possible to obtain information in real time.



Why choose Visitor Optimizer?


Over 100,000 companies can be identified

Visitor Optimizer can identify over 100,000 businesses. In addition to company name, inflow keywords, number of visits, stay time, inflow type, movement route, etc. are measured in real time.

Abundant functions

In addition to visiting company analysis, Visitor Optimizer also has an access analysis function and a chat function. In addition to the visiting company analysis tool, there is no need to introduce multiple tools such as access analysis tools and chat tools, and it is possible to save the work of the person in charge.

You can identify your device even if you delete cookies or change your IP address.

Conventional access analysis tools perform analysis based on IP addresses and browser cookies, which makes it impossible to accurately analyze user behavior, as even if the same user is visiting, they are measured as different users. did. However, Visitor Optimizer's unique analysis technology makes it possible to identify the same user even if the IP address and browser cookies have been deleted. By accurately identifying behavior history, we enable more advanced user analysis that was not possible with conventional tools.

Cheap price/Amazing features that can be covered by the basic price

Visitor Optimizer has a wealth of features. Normally, you can use other tools such as a chat function and a visiting company analysis tool within the regular price. The report function is also extensive, and 35 items are analyzed for one user, and all items can be output as data. It also supports summary reports, so you can always check the items you are interested in by displaying them in a graph.

Extensive support from dedicated operation consultants

"I don't know how to introduce it...", "I have acquired data, but I don't know how to analyze it..." For such clients, Optimizer has a consulting system with full-time professionals. We also support thorough analysis of user data based on abundant introduction cases and outsourcing of client support operations.

Increase operational effectiveness by linking with listings

In recent years, it has become difficult to identify keywords that bring in users. However, Visitor Optimizer allows you to accurately identify the keywords that drive your listing based on the parameters you set.


Countermeasures against wasted clicks


It is said that 10% to 30% of listing ads are wasted clicks. In other words, it is possible to cut advertising costs by 10% to 30% just by preventing unnecessary clicks. In addition to ``keyword selection'' and ``advertisement creation,'' it is essential to check whether clicks are normal or not in order to increase the cost-effectiveness of future listing operations. Visitor Optimizer's unique analysis technology allows it to identify the same device even if the IP address or browser cookies have changed, allowing you to accurately determine how much of your total ad spend is spent on wasted clicks. . In addition to simply checking whether there are wasted clicks, the system also displays a warning screen to users who are using wasted clicks to prevent wasted clicks and to notify search engines of the amount of wasted clicks. You can also request a refund for your advertising costs and receive a refund.

Chat function


Visitor Optimizer allows you to chat with users visiting your site in real time. By calling people who are viewing the site in real time via chat and responding to their consultations, you can guide them to achievement points, making it possible to reliably acquire users who are about to fill out the application form. .


Visited company analysis

訪問企業分析Visitor Optimizer allows you to determine which companies are visiting your website. It is also possible to achieve even more sophisticated listing analysis by analyzing what kind of companies people come to the site and what search keywords they use. In the case of corporate sales, it is also effective for improving the efficiency of sales activities, such as by using it as a sales list.

Case study


Number of customer responses increased by 252%
Example: Real estate management company R
Company R, which develops a real estate management business, distributes an e-mail magazine for companies every month, but the number of responses has decreased. However, after introducing Visitor Optimizer, we focused on companies with particularly large inflows and started distributing e-mail newsletters.


LP click view

LPクリックビューShows the user's first click in a heatmap format. You can visually analyze what kind of content users are interested in. By visualizing the flow of user behavior, it can also be used to improve sites and LPs.

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