葬儀求人アラート累計登録者数10,000人以上“Funeral Recruitment Alert”, a career change and employment support site specializing in the funeral industry,
We have over 10,000 registered users.

A large number of people, regardless of gender, are registered, ranging from people with experience in the industry such as qualified funeral directors, funeral managers, and coffinists, to highly skilled people with experience in other industries and professionals in customer service.

The only recruitment service specializing in the funeral industry
“Funeral Recruitment Alert” connects funeral companies and funeral personnel.

“Funeral Recruitment Alert” operated by Optimizer listens to the needs of the client funeral company, and introduces excellent funeral personnel from the perspective of the industry experienced staff.

Recently, the number of new graduates and inexperienced people aiming to enter the funeral industry has also increased rapidly.

For inexperienced people, we ask them to participate in the “Funeral Industry Startup Seminar” held every month at our company, and hear directly from funeral company representatives and executives about the basics, difficulties, and rewards of funerals. I'm getting

We also have pre-discussions about the worries, doubts, and anxieties that people who have no experience in the industry have.



About use

feneral2First, we will exchange a basic contract for recruitment.
No fees are required at the time of contract.

After that, a person in charge with industry experience will select human resources that meet the needs and set up an interview between your company and the job seeker.

In order to avoid mismatching introductions, funeral recruitment alerts are based on the following: We carefully listen to the individual needs of each company, such as "Even inexperienced, honest and young men", and introduce human resources that meet various conditions.

In addition, for those who have no experience in the industry, we ask them to participate in the "Funeral Industry Startup Seminar" hosted by our company before introducing them, and we tell them the basic knowledge and industry information of the funeral industry in advance.


3 Benefits of Funeral Recruitment Alerts

1. We can introduce excellent human resources specialized in the funeral industry.
In addition to being ranked first in the Internet search results for “funeral recruitment”, we also promote registration on the listing, so there are many registrations of funeral industry job seekers from all over the country every month regardless of whether they are experienced or inexperienced. .

2. You will not be charged anything until you start working.
There is no initial cost or running cost for introducing job seekers. You will be charged for the first time after joining the company, so you can use it without risk. In addition, if you leave the job in a short period of time after joining the company, we will refund the entry fee based on the regulations.

3. You can hire human resources that meet your needs without any hassle.
On behalf of busy recruiters, our full-time staff will assist you from selecting human resources to adjusting interview schedules.

About usage plan

Initial cost and running cost are absolutely unnecessary.
We will charge a referral fee as a performance fee within 25% of the annual income of the hired person. The amount of remuneration depends on the industry experience, the type of employment,
We will consult with each job seeker separately.

In addition, if an employee leaves the company after a short period of time,
50% within 1 month
We will refund 20% within 3 months.

In addition to providing detailed information about job seekers in advance before interviews, our full-time staff conducts primary interviews to prevent mismatch introductions as much as possible.

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Funeral Job Alert

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