Strategic WEB satellite development

What is satellite site strategy?

Satellite strategy refers to launching a separate site from the main site. Basically, we will launch a site from a third-party perspective and aim to capture the semi-active and latent demographics that cannot be captured on the main site. It is often operated mainly on comparison sites or article LPs, and strategies are developed according to the user group that you want to acquire.




Two benefits of a satellite site strategy

why companiessatellite strategyWill you do it? There are two major benefits for companies.

Advantage 1: Increased company awareness and the ability to acquire users who are lost to competitors

satellite siteBy expanding , you can set up another posting frame separate from the main site.

  • For listing ads

main site andsatellite siteThis allows you to post ads using the same keyword, increasing the ad share per keyword. As a result, your products and services will be more visible to users, increasing your company's visibility. Furthermore, by increasing the ad share, it becomes more likely that users who previously went to competitors' listing ads will go to your company, and you can expect an increase in the number of acquisitions.

Will the cost per click increase if I post with the same keyword? Some people are worried about this, but by posting advertisements from a client's perspective and a third-party perspective using the same keyword, it is possible to acquire all the users that cannot be acquired on the main site.


  • For article LP

main site andsatellite siteBy operating on these two sites, your company's products and services will be more visible to users and your company's recognition will increase. By arousing users' concerns in the article LP and helping them understand your company's products and services, you can bring to light users who were previously latent or semi-latent. By adding reviews from a third-party perspective that are not fully conveyed on the main site, you can increase the credibility of your promotions and services, leading to the acquisition of users that you could not have acquired before.


Advantage 2: You can do things that you cannot do on your own website.

It may be difficult to suddenly try something on your own website.satellite siteBy using this, you can make new discoveries and build a cycle of utilizing the data for your own website!

for example…

  • For listing ads

・Discover acquired keywords and advertising text
・Publishing keywords and advertising text from a third party perspective such as "recommended" and "ranking"

  • For article LP

・Discovering creatives with high click rates
・Discovering content that users are interested in, etc.

Satellite site strategycan improve the acquisition efficiency of not only a single unit but also the entire web advertising strategy depending on how it is operated.



Difference between other agency and optimizer

Optimizer operates its own ASP (Affiliate Provider).

Every day, we accumulate know-how by analyzing sites, keywords, and creatives from a third-party perspective.satellite siteWe use it for strategy.



Operational results of satellite site strategy

``It is difficult to differentiate the listing through ad text, etc.'' ``The number of inflows is unstable due to competing with competitors'' ``We have done all kinds of advertisements and there are no new measures'' ``satellite siteI don't know what kind of LP I should make.''satellite siteWe will propose an operational plan to suit your various concerns, such as "I'm interested in this, but I don't know what to do in the first place."

Service products: Recruitment agency
Operation details: Listing advertisementsatellite siteOperation

Customers are flowing to competitors due to issues such as ``I want new inflows because I have exhausted the web advertising measures on the main site'' and ``I want to increase the recruitment rate of referral companies by increasing the acquisition of the existing demographic.'' Listing ads for the purpose of directing users to your company.satellite siteWe have implemented the operation.


  • By posting ads using the same keywords as the main site, you can increase the ad share per keyword compared to your competitors.
  • Acquire users who are at the comparative consideration stage by using keywords, ad text, and posting on the site from a third-party perspective.

By implementing the above two points, we were able to acquire users who had previously gone to our competitors, and succeeded in increasing the number of user registrations and the joining rate.

Additionally, we have succeeded in reducing the cost per acquisition as shown below.

Acquisition unit price for web advertisements operated on the main site: 40,000 yen

satellite siteAcquisition unit price: 29,000 yen


What the optimizer can do

  • Obtaining a domain for a satellite site
  • Satellite site creation (comparison site format/article LP, etc.)
  • creative creation
  • Advertising operation
  • Monthly reports and suggestions for improvement

Optimizer can provide many domains from major portals.