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Rakuten,Amazon,Yahoo! Shopping. There are 3 major malls used in Japan, but I think there are many people who have left it as it is. For those in charge, OptimizerEC site operation agency serviceare doing

◆ EC mall agent service content

  • Correction of the product page
  • Support for each event (Rakuten Super SALE, etc.)
  • Advertising operation agency in EC mall



What is the difference between an EC site and an EC mall?

EC sites and EC malls look similar but have completely different meanings.

An EC site is a mail-order site that sells products and services on the Internet, and EC means electronic commerce. A mail order site that sells products and services handled by the company on the website operated by the company.


For ite-commerce mall(online mall) is like a shopping mall made up of real stores.A website that combines multiple store pages into one and sells productsrefers to

*Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, etc.

When selling your own products on a dedicated site, it costs money, but with a mall-type site, you only need to register images and text,Easy to start because the mall itself uses money to attract customersThere is an advantage.



Basics of EC site operation

EC site operations can be roughly divided into four types.

① Product management

Purchase of goodsorInventory control,data managementand so on.Efficient shipping to reach users as soon as possible and reflected in inventorywork.

② Site management

Product registrationorInformation update,Event planningand so on.CTR from product list,Purchase rate from product pageIt is necessary to make appropriate page corrections while looking at etc. It's a work to grow a page that sells.

③ Support work

Inquiries from customersComplaint handlingand so on. Since you will be interacting directly with the user, the person in chargeKnowledge of products and servicesmust be equipped with

④ Sales management

payment confirmation,Sales managementorbank account reconciliation, If it is a credit card payment, reconciliation of sales management data (confirm that the same amount as accounts receivable has been transferred) applies.



EC mall sales improvement

Now that you understand the basic structure of EC mail order, we will explain how to improve sales at EC malls that we recommend.

EC mall "sales formula"

EC mall sales = number of inflows x purchase rate x customer unit price


Once you know which of the "inflows", "purchasing rate", and "customer unit price" should be improved, you will find out what you can actually do to improve it.

The following are examples of improvement measures for each item.

[Number of inflows]
①Put the keyword in the right place so that it is easy to search
②Prepare entrance products
③Increase sales and improve search rankings
④Using events hosted by EC malls
⑤ Distribute e-mail newsletters
⑥ Use the power of advertising

[Purchase rate]
① Create a product page
② Get reviews
③Distribute coupons and hold sales

[Customer unit price]
① Set sale
② "Free shipping for 〇〇 yen" strategy
③Regular service

The key to any e-commerce mall is whether or not a virtuous cycle can be created in which sales increase → search ranking increases → inflow increases → sales increase.


This is because once you can create this flow, you can expect a certain amount of profit with routine work to some extent. Since 70% of search sales are said to come from products on the first page, monthly sales are likely to increase if products are listed on the first page.


EC mall SEO measures are also important!

The search algorithm of EC malls is different for each EC mall. Also, the detailed algorithm is not disclosed at present. However, basically, “selling products” tend to be displayed at the top. Considering that users can see popular products all at once and EC malls can receive a lot of commissions, it would be a reasonable line.


That said, there's no reason not to do what you can.
Below are the factors that are said to influence the algorithm.
Let's review it again to see if there are any parts that haven't been completed.


  • suitable keywords
  • Product review
  • Product CTR
  • Product closing rate
  • Number of sales



  • best keywords
  • number of reviews
  • Number of sales
  • Sales amount
  • Tag ID setting

*Currently, the number of reviews is not considered important.


[Yahoo! Shopping]

  • suitable keywords
  • Various codes (product code, product code, JAN code/ISBN code, brand code)
  • Product information
  • Product category

How to add a product title?

The product title is not only an EC mall SEO measure, but also an important factor related to the click rate.

Every EC mall puts important keywords in the product title in order. Make sure to include the manufacturer, brand name, and model number.

In order to respond to searches, it is good to include keywords with high search volume. This is commonly referred to as a "suggested word", which is a predicted word when searching. Enter the main keyword in the search box inside the EC mall and insert a space. The word group that appears under the search box is the suggested word.


How to attach catchphrase?

Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping have catch phrases. This slogan will also be searched, so include words that do not fit in the product name in the slogan.

The following words are recommended.

  • Words for national events (Children's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.)
  • Event words (Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.)
  • Notation variations (menthol and menthol, etc.)



Create multiple products and increase the number of inflow windows = Another point of "increase sales"!

In general, the more products there are, the more inflows tend to be. This is because there are multiple "points of contact" and the number of contacts with users increases. For example, if there is 1 product on the search result page and 5 products, the latter will earn more inflow.

It is recommended to make a pattern as shown below even for one product.

  • Introductory product (usually 1 month supply, 1 week supply to reduce unit price)
  • Set products (usually sold as 1 item, but sold as 2-piece set or 10-piece set)

I think there are some people who are worried about whether they can secure profits because the average price per customer is too low for entrance products, but there are countermeasures. First of all, it is a method to increase the number of inflows and purchases with entrance products of about 1000 yen, and to increase the average customer spend by stating "Free shipping for XX yen more!" on the payment page.



Encourage store visits and purchases by sending e-mail magazines and participating in events!

Each EC mall holds events on a regular basis. Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping have events on half of the month, albeit on a different scale. There are many projects where EC malls provide funds and give points, so there is no reason not to use them.

However, if the product is not displayed at the top of the EC mall SEO, it remains difficult to increase sales even at the special event. Therefore, we will increase the inflow by delivering an e-mail magazine from the store.

There are three timings for sending emails:

  • The night before the event (XX event will be held from 0 o'clock tomorrow!)
  • Before and after the event (The XX event is finally starting!!)
  • A few hours before the end of the event (the XX event is almost over!)

In the e-mail magazine on the eve of the event, if you encourage users to like the product page, it will be designed so that users can purchase smoothly at the event. In addition, if you distribute coupons limited to your own store in the middle of the event, you can reap the rewards of users who were a little hesitant.

E-mail magazines can be delivered according to the timing and user attributes, so let's clarify the purpose in advance and turn the PDCA cycle.



Increase your exposure by using advertisements in EC malls!

You can place advertisements according to your purpose, such as placing advertisements according to search words, placing advertisements in e-mail magazines sent by EC malls, and placing coupon advertisements according to events.


Below is a list of various advertisements prepared by each EC mall.


  • sponsored brand ads
  • Sponsored Products Ads


  • RPP (Rakuten Promotion Platform)
  • customer marketing advertising
  • Rakuten CPA Ads
  • Coupon Advance Ad

[Yahoo! Shopping]

  • banner text ad
  • storematch ads
  • solution package
  • PR option

As you can see, the advertisements that can be displayed in each EC mall are different, and the management screens are also different, so if you try to learn everything at once, you will get confused. Let's start after deciding the strategy and verification period in advance.

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