Strategic media buying

Media that everyone knows is not the type of media that can be “captured”.

When thinking about traditional advertising concepts, it was often thought of with a focus on powerful mass media, but the meaning changes slightly when it comes to web marketing and internet advertising. With the spread of the Internet, SNS, etc., individual tastes, interests, concerns, and solutions have become fragmented, and media has also become fragmented accordingly. Along with this, the importance of long-tail customer acquisition is increasing.

In addition, advertising media are becoming more diverse, and customer acquisition methods are also becoming more diverse, such as not only targeting the needs of end users, but also arousing latent needs and concerns, which leads to acquisition. Among the countless websites that exist in the Internet world, it is said that 3% to 5% of the sites are effective media that lead to customer acquisition, and the performance of Internet advertising depends on how well you can advertise in these "capable" media. This is the key.

In addition to "capture", it is also important to consider "quality of acquisition", which is considered important these days, as well as the diversity of media and how to publish in media that understand the importance of "quality".



Buying in line with change


At our optimizer, we believe that in the rapidly changing digital marketing industry, advertising agencies and various media are required to be able to adapt to changes, and both advertising agencies and media must continue to evolve. That's what I think. Therefore, we always analyze and utilize the latest data and consider comprehensive strategies, including cross-media development.

We select media and advertiser issues that match the needs of target users, and formulate and execute strategies. In addition, we cooperate with media companies with which we have maintained good relationships for a long time, and conduct efficient media buying that is directly linked to advertisers' profits.We do not just focus on acquisition, but also constantly understand advertisers' issues. We plan and execute strategies, including problem solving.

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Balancing offense and defense

In addition to active media buying, we must ensure thorough compliance with laws and regulations regarding advertising creative, advertising expression, etc. in order to form a healthy Internet advertising industry.

Our optimizer specializes in leading affiliate media networks and has been working on it since its founding. Based on our relationships with leading affiliate media, we work with the media to acquire customers and solve problems for advertisers.

Because we have corporate media and personal media networks, we actively engage in media buying, and utilize the industry knowledge and human networks of our sales representatives to launch new media and develop innovative advertising spaces to improve advertising performance. Aim to maximize.


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