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Landing page analysis and improvement (LPO)

In attracting customers onlineConversion (CV)The landing page is always the place to go before doing so. Get to know the appeal of your products and servicesConversion rate (CVR)We believe that analyzing and improving landing pages is important in order to increase the number of customers, and that this is a measure that must be taken in order to successfully attract customers online.


What is LPO?

LPOteeth"landing page optimization” is an abbreviation. Mainly uses analytics and heat map tools to base the data on numbers.Landing page (LP)It refers to the analysis and improvement of


What is “heat map”?LPIt is a tool that allows you to visualize and analyze "frequently clicked parts" and "visualized parts" of websites.

LPteethCVRThe main premise is that the product has been created through trial and error in order to achieve a high quality, but when it comes to using it in an advertisement, it doesn't look as expected.CVRSome of you may have experienced things like not increasing your performance or not reaching your KPI goals.

What measures should be taken in such cases?LPOIt will be.


We recommend this company for the following companies:

  • CVRis decreasing
  • Same for 1st and 2nd yearLPwhile using
  • Implementing many page inflow measures
  • There are many competitors, and they are increasing.


What is the optimizer's LPO?

We are not a web production company, but provide multifaceted services such as advertising and creative creation to attract web customers.

actuallyLPOMany of the companies that are implementing this have many clients who also entrust us with listings, SNS advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.

Our company has manyLPOWhile implementingAnalysis of LPI went there. Therefore,LPOBased on past experience and data, it is possible to quickly analyze and modify the important points when implementing. In recent years, an increasing number of companies are using article LP when implementing native advertising, but of courseArticle LPfromLP transition rateorFinal CVR improvement exampleThere are also many.

Optimizer's LPO important points

  • [LP] Exit rate/reading rate (various points such as first view passage rate, bottom of article LP, etc.)
  • [LP/Article LP] CVR
  • [LP/Article LP] Average length of stay
  • [LP/Article LP] Click inside LP
  • [Article LP] Transition rate (LP transition rate from article LP)

LPOFlow of

How to use heatmaps

LPOWe believe that a heat map tool is essential as we implement this. The heat map function is used for the following purposes.


Responding to issues that are difficult to see in numbers

CVRis simpleLPNot only the potential of the product, but also the external environment (the product was introduced on TV, a competitor lowered the price), etc., can make a big difference. Our company has a system of appointing personnel for each industry, allowing us to quickly obtain information on the external environment and respond accordingly. Although it is a somewhat analog response in the age of digitalization, we believe that this kind of response is important and we are working on it.


LPO case

[Case ①]

Industry: Supplement mail order company

LPO analysisAt the start of the game, we saw a situation where a large number of players left the game in the first view. In an industry with strict Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, it is difficult to mention the "effects and efficacy" that users want to know, and many companies, including competitors, do not know the amount of lactic acid bacteria and the type of lactic acid bacteria (how good they are).LPThere were many cases in which appeals were made internally.

Measures to solve issues
The client's lactic acid bacteria supplement contained +α ingredients, so when we added that +α part to the main appeal,CVRimproved to 115%.

[Implementation items]
① Heat map introduction and status confirmation
② First view pattern creation/search for appeal
③ Incorporate appeals that get a good response into content other than the first view *Repeat from now on


[Case ②]

Industry: Insurance industry

LPO analysisat the startLPWe saw a situation where there were a large number of users who left the first view, and almost no users read on. *Remarketing distribution LP only

Measures to solve issues
Traditionally, the first person seenLPSame asLPWe used to distribute remarketing, but we collected "user feedback" only during remarketing.LPExpand what you made.

[Implementation items]
① Heat map introduction and status confirmation
② Creation of “User Feedback” appeal LP
③ Replacement of “User Feedback” and various KPIs (CVR, stay time) and make corrections. *Repeat thereafter


Just adding a heat map will only help you understand the situation. First of all, it is necessary to understand the LP situation and then ``consider improvement measures'', but this is a very laborious process.

The examples listed here are just a few, and we have manyLPO caseThere is.Implementation of LPOIf you are considering LPO, or are currently implementing LPO, but it does not seem to be producing the desired results, please contact us.

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