AD distribution that complies with advertising regulations

Respond to strict content regulations with real-time content management for multiple sites

メディコンの広告規制対応配信Now that the WEB has become the main information distribution method for companies, it is unacceptable to distribute inaccurate information or advertisements just because it is "WEB".

In particular, in industries such as finance and medical where advertising is strictly regulated by law, the accuracy of information is required for both the ad submission side and the distribution side. It is possible to manage and change the distribution contents of many distribution media in real time.


Centralized management of not only banners and display ads, but also text content

様々な素材に対応可能In addition to materials for banners and display advertisements, it is also possible to change part of the created content, such as "interest rate display of product details on comparison sites", by incorporating Medicon and distributing it as part of advertisement management. You can safely distribute content that requires nervous management by changing and managing by time unit or by date.

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