advertising planning

Response to change

通信の革新で新サービスが登場Advertisement planning has become so complicated that it is difficult to describe it in a single word.In the world of Internet advertising, which pursues efficiency and optimization more than ever, ad technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. There are many cases where the industry changes completely in a year or two.

Recently, while spreading information based on evaluations such as word of mouth represented by SNS
In anticipation of customer acquisition, the purchase of advertising space centered on search engine marketing, while making effective use of so-called paid media, triple media mix planning that reaps with in-house media is becoming more and more important.

However, in the world of web marketing, which continues to evolve in complexity day by day,
The key principles for optimizing your advertising plan remain the same.


It's not about "what" to show, but "who" to show.

広告プランニングIt's not that creatives aren't important. In order to make the advertiser's message more effective, the pursuit of "who" to deliver it to is the key.
We believe that it is important in planning advertisements.


An advertising plan that begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation

How to deliver the advertiser's message to the target user.
Optimizer's advertising planning starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation.

Competitive analysis by our original tool, analyzed by our own algorithm
Based on the scoring derived from search engine ranking and ad placement position,

Thoroughly research user trends and competitive trends.

Based on these data, sales and marketing personnel with extensive industry knowledge,
The advertising operations manager organizes a project team and develops the client's advertising plan.
We will formulate

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