Landing page production

What is a landing page that produces results?

In general web marketing,Conversion (CV)A one-page web page created for the purpose oflanding pageIt is called.

When attracting customers using online advertising,landing page” can be said to be required.

Purpose and benefits of landing pages

landing pagehas only one purpose. Requests for materials, inquiries, orders, etc.Conversion (CV)is obtained from users.


landing pageis primarily a destination for online advertisements, and is distributed by segmenting users based on their interests, preferences, and attributes.landing pageTo some extent, the users who visit the site are classified as "excellent prospects" who are interested in the product/service. For users who are not interested at allConversion (CV)It can be said that it is easier to get “prospective customers” to take action than to ask them to.

Maximizing advertising effectiveness is the key tolanding pageThis can be said to be an advantage of producing.

Meet user needs for greater resultslanding pageneed to be produced.


It is important to match landing pages depending on the medium.

"Landing pages are the same no matter what company creates them." "What's the difference?"

Even oncelanding pageIf you have ever tried to create one, you may have thought this way. In conclusion,landing pageIt all boils down to the extent to which we can strategically analyze the process leading up to the end.

landing pageThe production process can be broadly divided into three parts.

  • Planning structure (wireframe creation)
  • design
  • coding


The important thing here is the planning structure. In this era where web marketing is diversifying, design is of course important, but it is also important to match it to the publication medium.
I can definitely say that the most important thing is how to create a landing page. Typical advertising methods include the following, and eachlanding pageThe way they are made is very different.

  • Search-linked advertising (BIG keywords, tail keywords)
  • display advertising
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • instagram ads


User purchase motivation

by advertisinglanding pageAs I mentioned earlier, the way they are created is different, and the reason for this is that the motivation for user actions (purchasing, applying, requesting information, etc.) is different. Here we will compare paid search advertising (BIG keywords) and Facebook advertising.

  • Search-linked advertising (BIG keyword): Motivation: From latent to actual layer
    Spontaneously clicks on an ad with some interest = Although it is a latent group, it has strong interests to begin with, so its attributes can change to an actual group at any time.
  • Facebook advertising: Motivation High awareness of information gathering High sensitivity to information
    Since advertisements are distributed passively, there is a tendency to dislike creatives and information presentation that have a strong advertising theme. However, they tend to be more interested in useful information, industry updates, and information that fits naturally into their feeds.

*Products Landing page production

Production of LPs tailored to search advertising and Facebook advertising


Even if the product or service is the same, if the user's motivation changes significantly, it is the destination.landing pageOf course, we also have to change.

landing pageis basically used as a set with advertisements, so it is not just a ``beautiful and cool design'' or ``packed with information''.landing pageIt can be said that the effect cannot be maximized. What is considered important varies depending on the person in charge of the production company, butlanding pageWe assert that "strategy" and "planning structure" account for 80% of the key points for achieving results.

Optimizer has an account planner, advertising operations team, and creative team located in the same office, and handles everything from strategy to creative production all at once.
Rather than classifying it as a category such as "beautiful design or cool design," we view it as "design that is optimal for achieving results."

Creating a landing page is not the end.

"Created with Optimizer"landing pageHow effective is it? ”, the answer is “99% results can be obtained”.

The reason why I decided to say 99% is because the optimizer uses PDCA until it produces results. *The reason why it is not 100% is because it assumes irregular factors such as external enemy factors.

There are many cases where it is not possible to know whether the points assumed in strategy and planning are necessarily correct until they are implemented. Optimizer has an in-house operations team and a production team, so we can review operations and creative aspects at the same time. (Assuming that we are entrusted with advertising operations) It is possible to produce higher effects by making improvements that are multifaceted and more accurate than just one-way.



*LPO image by our company

By creating a product or service that matches its characteristics and purpose, its effectiveness will be dramatically improved.landing pagePlease feel free to contact us if you are considering creating or improving.


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