press release

What is a press release?

A press release is an announcement by a company to media such as television, newspapers, magazines, and news sites about new activities such as the release of new products and services or the holding of events. Simply put, a press release is a provision of information from a company to various media. The media disseminates information to general consumers by covering the information on television, newspapers, magazines, and news sites based on information from this company.

A press release is a method of providing corporate information (so-called public relations) for the purpose of being covered by the media as news. The strength of press releases is that unlike advertisements, they are covered as objective news, so they gain more trust, sympathy, and support from society.

It goes without saying that getting a press release picked up and disseminating it to society through the media is a major breakthrough for corporate management.


Utilize cost-effective release distribution sites

Optimizer can distribute press releases on behalf of clients, from selecting distribution destinations to writing articles.
We will arrange for the release to be automatically posted on major portal sites and major newspaper sites, increasing the inflow of news.


Press release articles can be written by specialized writers


An important point in a press release is how well you can convey the appeal of your product or service.

Optimizer has a network of 1,000 writers and can write highly specialized articles regardless of industry.

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