Site CMS optimization construction

"Editing efficiency x operational efficiency" by converting your website to CMS

All sorts of content is uploaded onto the Internet, resulting in an overabundance of information, and the current situation is that ``content we want to distribute'' and ``content we want to see'' are lost.
In order to create a website structure that does not get lost, it is necessary to take measures such as increasing the website update frequency and increasing the number of pages.
At that time, if you are building a website one page at a time based on HTML, increasing the "update frequency" or increasing the "number of pages" requires a large amount of man-hours and effort.
If you want to take measures for your website without spending a lot of time and effort, it is now common to manage and operate content using a CMS (Content Management System). By converting your website into a CMS, operational efficiency will significantly increase.



Enriching content with CMS introduction

By introducing a CMS, you can easily add and edit content on the web, saving you the trouble of creating content that used to take a lot of man-hours.
In addition, you can freely modify and edit content from anywhere on the management screen, and multiple people can add content at the same time.


Enriching content strengthens exposure

CMS not only improves the efficiency of content management, but also improves the content content and updates frequency, making it more compatible with major search engines.
Current websites are searched and gain exposure, so introducing a CMS will improve search engine compatibility.
This will enhance the visibility of your website.


Optimizer CMS construction


We mainly use WordPress to build Optimizer's CMS.
WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the world, has high affinity for search engines, and has a rich development environment including plugins.
Optimizer has a lot of experience in system configuration and development for WordPress, and is highly evaluated by clients.