Character utilization strategy

We infuse new value into promotions and products through collaboration with characters.

様々なキャラクターマーケティング支援We partner with domestic and international character licensing agencies to support campaigns, promotions, and product planning that collaborate with various characters.


Character selection and product planning from a marketing perspective

キャラクターマーケティングMarketing using characters does not necessarily have the desired effect just because a popular character is used. If it does not match the customer's corporate image or product characteristics, it may even have the opposite effect.
Our company, which handles marketing consulting for many major companies, analyzes the target of each character and the characteristics of its popular fan base, and selects and plans that suit the customer's strategy from a marketing perspective.


One-stop execution from planning and design to campaign site creation

ワンストップでキャラクターマーケティングを支援When using characters, knowledge of copyrights, proper handling of copyrights, and regulations is essential.
Even if you only obtain a license agreement, subsequent operations can be surprisingly difficult and time consuming and costly.
At our company, we support not only advertising design for the web and paper, but also POP, in-store promotional materials, and product design using a character-based design system.We can also handle everything from selecting advertising media to arranging printing and other services.

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