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Introducing the next generation of programmatic advertising “In-feed advertising”


It is also called "in-feed advertising", also known as native advertising, and is compatible with the smartphone era.
By blending advertisements into articles, it is less stressful for users.
This is a new style of advertising that allows you to accurately target your target audience.

Since April 2015, Yahoo! Since the service was launched, it has been attracting attention as a new type of advertising that improves customer acquisition.
The click-through rate for in-feed ads is said to be 2.5 times higher than for banner ads.


In-feed advertising Actual advertising image



How to make in-feed ads successful

"In-feed advertising" was born because it is now difficult for ads to be clicked.
In order to achieve results, a natural LP strategy that takes into consideration the readers of the source content is essential.

This is because in order for users who click to not be disappointed, it is important to match the placement location and ad text.
This is because high-quality content and advanced creative production that will surely lead to customer acquisition are required.

The optimizer uses media and information obtained from various customer acquisition research and achievements.
We have the know-how to create content creatives that match the target audience.

Furthermore, we conduct a thorough 3C analysis to find the best solution for your products and targets.
We select the destination for in-feed ads and produce the entire process from conversion to conversion.


Optimizer infeed ads


Optimizer has invested a total of 5 billion yen in operational advertising expenses for its own media.
We have the No. 1 track record in 8 categories in terms of the number of affiliate acquisitions.
Optimizer is a marketing company that has taken customer acquisition seriously.

Optimizers have already established strategies for in-feed advertising.

However, if you follow the latest trends and run vague in-feed type ads, you will not get any results.
We provide reliable results through strategic planning based on thorough analysis, advanced optimization technology, and synergy with other web advertising.


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