From 9,000 yen per month! "WEB Crawler" Service Now Available!

Optimizer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa) conducts comprehensive strategic marketing.
We have started offering "WEB Crawler", a service that automatically supports data collection from websites.
Optimizer has been using automatic data collection technology throughout its internal marketing strategies and media operations.
In the future, we will develop this service as a service for other companies.

■Information optimization accelerates business

Due to the spread of CGM services and the spread of CMS construction, an environment has been created in which companies and individuals can easily publish content.
There are currently more than 1.1 billion websites on the Internet (*1), and valuable content continues to be made available for free.
“If it were possible to automatically collect and check information published on websites,
Could it be an effective source of information to strengthen your company's competitiveness? ”There are many marketers and managers who think so.
WEB Crawler is a service that fulfills such needs for a monthly fee of 9,000 yen.
We can provide unique crawler technology according to each company's request.
(*1 According to Internet Live Stats, as of December)

■Crawler service created by a marketing company

For 10 years since its founding, Optimizer has operated its own media site as a comprehensive strategic marketing company.
We continue to accumulate website crawling technology. How to utilize information collected from websites
We provide know-how to each company and provide maximum support for business optimization. Also, upon request,
We can also consult on interface development and system construction.

Example) Business usage example of web crawler

・In order to expand sales channels for BtoB products, collect companies that are engaged in related business from the website and input them into CRM as sales leads.
・Collecting price information and inputting it into the CMS construction site, building a price comparison service
・Convert content assets of non-CMS sites into data and rebuild them as CMS sites
・Automatically obtain price information published by competitors every morning and use it as a basis for decision-making in price setting
・Collect public pages of the site and analyze important tags and content trends for search engine optimization
・Collect, compare, and utilize information posted on real estate, human resources recruitment sites, etc.
・Collection of bidding information and public offering information
・Collecting product information, price information, and operator information from mail order sites
・Collecting information on video sites

Optimizer continues to strive to promote efficient and effective economic activity.
We will continue to improve our services and provide new services while listening to your opinions and requests.