Started providing EC consulting solutions that lead to regrowth.

Optimizer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Optimizer") has entered into a business alliance with Net Shop Souken Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Net Shop Souken"), and the two companies offer a consulting solution called "EC Developed the Regrowth Solution. The offer started on February 9, 2015.


Left: Mamoru Nagayama, President and CEO of Net Shop Research Institute Right: Shusaku Tagawa, President and CEO of Optimizer

[Background of provision]

The size of the domestic B to C – EC market exceeds 11.2 trillion yen, and is expected to continue growing beyond 10% in the future. However, a survey by both companies of companies with their own e-commerce business revealed that there are many companies that have entered the e-commerce industry but are worried that business growth is slower than expected.

This time, Optimizer and Online Shop Research Institute are jointly providing an "EC regrowth solution" that strategically transforms e-commerce sites that want to see strong business growth again in a short period of time. Masu.

In the EC and web marketing industry, various service companies are divided and provide their own services and support: advertising agencies responsible for sales promotion and PR, system companies responsible for building systems and sites, and logistics companies supporting logistics and operations. In the context of providing services, it is difficult to comprehensively provide optimal support that will lead to sales and growth.

Therefore, Optimizer, which provides comprehensive solution services focused on results in the industry, and Online Shop Research Institute, which provides EC support that "aggressively" increases EC sales, have teamed up to solve these problems. We have agreed to a business partnership to solve the current situation by combining the know-how of customer acquisition and sales improvement, and the theory researched based on our track record.

We provide comprehensive and cross-sectional one-stop support for various EC services, including optimization of inflow channels and conversions, operations to encourage repeat purchases and develop them into loyal users, and training of human resources to run these processes, as well as conventional EC support. We have created a solution that supports the growth of e-commerce sites using a completely different approach from the "e-commerce support for selling advertising services, e-commerce systems, etc." that is seen in many services.

[Outline of “EC Regrowth Solution”]


"EC Regrowth Solution" provides consulting services such as analysis, strategy planning, planning of customer attraction measures, planning of sales promotion measures, etc. in 6 months for the company's own e-commerce site that is already in operation, as well as EC site reconstruction and operation personnel. This is a solution that supports the creation and realization of a foundation for re-growth by integrating the services necessary for the growth of the e-commerce business, such as nurturing customers, and providing a centralized one-stop service.

Unlike the methods used by other companies' EC consulting services, such as implementing partial optimization of EC sites over a long period of time to make improvements, we carry out aggressive "aggressive" customer attraction and sales promotions based on know-how, and use the data obtained. Develop a realistic strategy. In addition, we provide human resources training and develop existing EC personnel into EC experts who can do everything from formulating strategies to attracting customers and implementing sales promotions.In a short period of time, we transform existing EC operations organizations into organizations that can draw up and execute strategies on their own. We will help you grow.

[Overview of consulting and services provided by “EC Regrowth Solution”]

We analyze the current EC site/EC business and derive and provide the optimal solution from the various strategic planning capabilities and services possessed by the optimizer and Online Shop Research Institute.

●Provided consulting overview for building re-growth strategy (basic plan 6 months)
・EC site analysis, EC business analysis
・Proposal of online customer attraction strategy, sales promotion strategy, sales promotion campaign planning
・Planning for EC site optimization, renewal, etc.
・Support for strategic campaign implementation, effect measurement and analysis
・Human resource training for EC management personnel and consulting for public subsidies for training

●Provide consulting services to operate the established strategy (basic plan for 1 year)
・Establish a "Regrowth Consulting Desk" for each company and provide consulting services such as strategy execution support via phone (Skype) or email
・Provision of training for more advanced specialists and leader training, and consulting on public subsidies for training


<Net Shop Research Institute Co., Ltd. Company Profile>
Net Shop Research Institute is an “aggressive” EC support company led by CEO Mamoru Nagayama, who is also known as an “EC sales promotionist.” Analyzing and researching customer behavior psychology on the web and providing the research results to the client with the proposition of connecting it to sales. Received 7 MVP awards in Rakuten, and won in the management agency category of "Best 100 EC Support Companies" supervised by the industry magazine "EC no Mikata". In August 2011, it was selected as a "Yahoo! Excellent EC Support Company" and is a professional EC strategy and EC operation company.

Trade name: Net Shop Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-25-1 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: October 10, 2008
Capital: 10.99 million yen
Representative: Representative Director Mamoru Nagayama
Business description: EC site management agency, management certification course business