Launched “Call Center Construction & BPO Service” for rapid development and overwhelmingly low cost call center construction and operation agency

Cloud-based core systems and PBX using next-generation ICT

Optimizer Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shusaku Tagawa, hereinafter referred to as Optimizer)
Call center construction and operation support service that supports everything from new power companies and financial companies to EC shops
"Optimizer call center construction & BPO servicewill be available from December 9, 2015.


Key points of “Optimizer call center construction & BPO service”

■Establish and expand your call center quickly and at low cost, with thorough support!
■ Utilize our overwhelming in-house know-how in the electricity liberalization market, financial market, and EC market, from attracting customers to securing human resources and operating agency.
Realize industry-specific call center business optimization!
■Providing cloud-based core systems and PBX using next-generation ICT. Regardless of phone or web
We provide one-stop solutions for establishing a call center!

[Background and purpose]

Huge consumer markets are emerging one after another due to deregulation and the use of the Internet.
Focusing on the emergence of a new market worth 8 trillion yen due to the full liberalization of electricity from April 2016,
Gas liberalization, opening of infrastructure markets such as Hikari Collaboration (NTT) and MVNO (mobile virtual network operator),
The rise of innovative businesses due to deregulation in the financial industry, such as NISA (small investment tax exemption system) and bancassurance (banks planning and selling insurance),
Examples include the e-commerce market, whose annual market size exceeds 12.8 trillion yen and continues to expand at a growth rate of nearly 15%.

On the other hand, customer acquisition models in business are also evolving day by day.
The concept of "customer engagement" to optimize results is attracting attention. Telephone communication is one of the points of contact.
The importance of "call centers" is increasing, and innovative new purposes for call centers are beginning to emerge.

Optimizer helps businesses quickly build and deploy call centers, which will serve as a weapon for businesses attacking these new markets.
From December 9th, we will start providing the "Optimizer Call Center Construction & BPO Service" that supports its operation with overwhelming know-how.

[Industry-specific call center integration service]

Optimizer provides industry-specific comprehensive marketing strategies centered on web marketing for various industries.
We analyze customer contact points from customer acquisition to closing in each industry and aggregate them as theoretical know-how.

Based on our overwhelming know-how, which takes into account the various characteristics of each industry, we are able to achieve maximum results.
Realizing call center theory for optimizing customer engagement.
Furthermore, businesses can choose the services and functions they need, and can even outsource operations.
It was built as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) package.

This time, we will start by looking at the markets in which optimizers are actually active, such as the new electricity market, financial market, and EC market, which are experiencing rapid growth.
We have defined three main service areas, and we aim to quickly introduce them to businesses that want to attack this market.
We provide support for prompt entry into growing markets and dramatic growth.

[Service area provided]

■Services for new power (PPS) operators

- Rapid establishment and expansion of inbound and outbound call centers for new electric power companies
・Low-cost deployment of a call center that provides switching support for new power sources
・Provide CRM (customer relationship management) and CIS (customer charge management) services to manage the rapidly increasing number of general customers, and realize a call center that collaborates with these services.
・A cloud-based call center system that allows freedom in scale expansion and is not tied to location.
・BPO services that can range from the use of each service to full call center operations

In preparation for the full liberalization of electricity retail in April 2016,
We provide a total service from building call centers for customer attraction and customer support that can be introduced quickly to operating services.
Optimizer's cloud-based core system that can be linked with a call center covers everything from low-voltage charge calculations, billing processing, payment management, and reminders.
We also support the development and operation of automation of billing operations specific to infrastructure projects.

■Services for financial operators (banks, insurance, etc.)

・Agency for planning and sales of insurance products by banks (bancassurance)
・Building a point of contact for customer service that requires high security and specialists / Staffing
・Support and agency for trust and insurance information services that require advanced proposal capabilities
・Credit management/receivables management/collection counter and business support/consignment that requires specialized know-how

We provide highly specialized outsourcing and insourcing services to financial institutions, including building and operating insurance-related call centers, outsourcing over-the-counter sales operations, and providing human resources.
For insurance companies, we not only sell the insurance we handle, but also support their business with a wide range of services and consulting, including building unique sales channels and forming alliances with other industries.

■Services for online trading businesses (EC/mail order providers)

・Building successful customer relationships and supporting call center operations.
・Building and operating support for telephone ordering counters such as regular purchase operation counters.
・We can provide total support, including consulting on advertising strategies and operations for e-commerce shops.
・Visitor support via real-time chat

We provide order reception and customer consultation call centers for mail order businesses.
We also provide one-stop support, including practical EC consulting services such as reducing cancellation rates and optimizing distribution.
In addition, we will discover dormant customers and attract new customers through outbound services.
We provide support for various issues faced by business operators, including payment reminder services.

[Call center that can be quickly opened and expanded using the latest ICT technology]


Optimizer revolutionizes the concept of "facility" that is the basis of traditional large-scale call centers.
Cloud technology that integrates everything from customer acquisition to customer management allows us to not only manage call centers, but also customer acquisition activities, charge management core systems,
We have created a call center that is not tied to any location, even going as far as converting telephone lines to IP. Relocation or increase in personnel due to business expansion,
Even if there are changes in the environment such as branch expansion, business expansion can be done quickly without unnecessary construction work.

In addition to inbound and outbound telephone services, cloud-based services include customer attraction functions and advertising optimization through web advertising.
There is also a function to build web customer contact points, such as a function to manage communication via online chat and SNS at a call center.
It is possible to manage and operate "customer engagement" across telephone and web.

It can also integrate customer relationship management systems (CRM) and customer billing systems (CIS) that manage billing and collections for infrastructure companies.
It is possible to create an integrated call center that centrally manages services and communications for a single customer.

[Deployment of call center to respond to human resource shortages and secure human resources freely]

A major challenge for call centers is securing human resources. Increased focus on customer engagement,
Due in part to the declining birthrate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure talented call center personnel.
"Optimizer call center construction & BPO service" provides "decentralized call center/work from home"
We support businesses in securing call center personnel through both "staffing and business agency."

By separating the booth from telephone lines and facilities using cloud-based "Cloud PBX" and "Cloud CRM/CIS,"
It is now possible to build a call center regardless of the distance to human resources.
Utilizing human resources in areas far from the company's location to work from home,
We continue to employ talented people who are considering taking leave or leaving the company due to childcare etc. by working from home.
It is now possible to take flexible measures to secure human resources.

We also provide industry-specific dispatch services for highly qualified personnel and large-scale call center management services.
We solve the problems faced by business operators, where new entry and business expansion are delayed due to lack of staff, and provide flexibility in business development.

[Competitive call center]

Optimizer integrates all customer engagements starting with call center functions,
We will quickly create an "aggressive company call center" that acquires customers and maintains customer loyalty, and thoroughly supports the growth of business operators.

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