[Newspaper] VIP affiliate service "Medi Partner" was published in Nihon Net Keizai Shimbun

The VIP affiliate service "Medipartner" was featured in the Nippon Net Keizai Shimbun on November 26, 2015.

▼Japan Net Keizai Shimbun: VIP affiliate service “Medipartner” Strengths are speed and quality of customer transfer[PDF]

Medipartner, an affiliate service for corporations, has been operated by Web Advertising Optimizer (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Shusaku Tagawa) since 2005.
It is a service that specializes in three industries: health and beauty, finance, and human resources.
His areas of expertise include housing loans, supplements, and medical personnel introductions. We are increasing customer satisfaction by working closely with advertisers, including by narrowing down the number of sites on which we advertise.
The company's strengths are speed and quality of customer referrals, and by ``introducing consumers with high LTV,'' it increases advertiser satisfaction.

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