Supporting post-corona work styles

In the midst of what is called the post-corona era, many companies are probably considering their future work styles.

Therefore! While there is a growing need to "work in the same way as in the company" in "various places",
Would you like to review your phone again?

Our service [Unlimited Business Phone] contributes to "communication that is the same as in-house"!

① Anytime! anywhere! Internal and external lines are possible.

"I can't answer the phone to the company during telework..."
"If you make a call with a company number other than the company number, the customer will not answer..."
Our service solves the problems unique to this era.
By installing a dedicated app on your smartphone,
You can receive and send company numbers regardless of location!

(2) Smooth communication with multiple functions!

This service is equipped with a chat function for business use.
Contribute to communication DX without using personal SNS accounts.
In addition to sending images and files, there is also a read function.
You can also use the convenient web conferencing function.
Participants can start the meeting with one click without any special application or login.
A simple specification that allows you to manage all functions with one account while various services are overflowing.

(3) Respond smoothly to office relocation!

With a conventional business phone, construction work and wiring are always involved every time you move or change seats.
All of these are unnecessary with this cloud-based service!
Save money and save time!

In addition,
・What is IP telephony?
・Even if you hear cloud PBX, it doesn't come to mind... etc.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

As work styles are constantly changing, we will support DX that matches each issue!

Please feel free to contact us first.

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