* Full house [Limited to 15 companies] Super hot content marketing seminar! “Now” is a great opportunity that competitors have not introduced

How to make your content marketing successful! ?


Seminar background

How effective would it be to attract customers to your own media from Yahoo's content, which boasts over 15 billion Imps per month?

In Japan, companies are becoming more interested in content marketing, but the number of visitors is not increasing, and many people are struggling to operate it through trial and error.

That's why "Yahoo! Content Discovery" is attracting overwhelming attention right now!

Recommend your company's valuable content to the huge number of users who view the huge PVs and articles viewed by a large-scale network of high-quality media sites that are Yahoo! News' partners, and dramatically increase the number of visitors to your company's media. You can!

*** Case **************************************************** ***************
1) For cosmetics manufacturer Company A: Number of purchases increased by 140%
2) Childcare Q&A service For Company B: Number of new users increased by 113%
3) For apparel mail order site Company C: Number of registrants increased by 112%

Amazing results are being achieved one after another in every industry!
However, because it is the latest method, it is not yet well known and its implementation is limited to companies with high sensitivity.

In other words, your competitors have not introduced it now!
This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the first mover advantage and outperform your competitors in all aspects of branding and content marketing!

Therefore, in the first part of this seminar, we will explain cutting-edge content marketing methods and how to use them.
Furthermore, we thoroughly analyze the latest marketing "Yahoo! Content Discovery" that will make your content marketing a huge success!
In Part 2, we will teach you a closing method based on overwhelming experience that will guide visitors who have become new fans to the point of purchase!

Optimizer, which has spent 5 billion yen on its own media and has specialized personnel who handle everything from advertising operations to production and research analysis, can provide ``measures to thoroughly approach potential customers'' and ``strategies and tactics that lead recognized users to purchase.'' This is a seminar where you can learn in just 90 minutes!

We wanted to place emphasis on providing ample information and exchanging opinions with everyone, so we limited the list to 15 companies.
Please apply as soon as possible!

Overview of the event

<Holding date>
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

<Holding time>
17:00-18:30 (Reception starts from 16:40)

Head office seminar room
Orient Akasaka Mortside Building 2F, 1-1-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Please enter from the entrance next to the coffee shop on the 1st floor on the K Tower side.)

Part 1: Explaining cutting-edge content marketing methods and how to use them
~A thorough analysis of the latest marketing “Yahoo! Content Discovery”~

Part 2: Learn from success stories! Closing method to guide new fans to purchase
*Program contents are subject to change.

<How to participate>
Advance application required (participation fee free, capacity 15 companies)
*If there are many applications, a lottery will be held.
*Please note that we will not accept applications from other companies in the same industry.
Please note.

We will continue to hold seminars that will help you acquire customers.
We look forward to your participation everyone!

Corporate Planning and Management Office Shimodaira

*This seminar has ended.