*Thanks for full house *All know-how to succeed in the new electric power business! Free seminar

What is the know-how for business success using three points of new electric power startup & sales support tools

Two months have passed since the full liberalization of the electricity retail market, and we are about to enter the summer season when electricity consumption will increase.
In other words, as customers become more aware of how to reduce power consumption, they will also pay more attention to new power companies.

In fact, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries recently with the goal of switching to the summer season!
Above all, "now" is the game in the new power business!
It is now attracting attention due to the trend, but it will not last forever.
Therefore, we believe that this summer will be the game.

How is everyone doing?
Against this speed, the new electric power business must not be delayed or the management system is inadequate.


"I want to start a new electric power business as soon as possible, but I don't know how to proceed!"
"Registration as a retailer has been completed, but the system necessary for the operation of sales management tools, etc. has not been developed."
"I was unable to respond to inquiries at the stage of launching a new electric power business, and I missed the opportunity for a long-awaited business meeting."

We have also received a lot of feedback from...

[Accumulate all know-how from the launch of new electric power to the operation system! ]
We, Energy Optimizer, are continuing to grow by acquiring know-how on our own from the same “first time” position as you as an electric power company!
There was a pursuit of speed and a precise strategy.

As a place to convey the current operation system from the launch of our business with overwhelming information, data and know-how,
We have decided to hold this seminar!
Our seminar was very popular last time!
If you listen to this, there is no doubt that it will be the power of your company's new electric power business!

In addition, we wanted to emphasize the provision of substantial information and the exchange of opinions with everyone, so we limited the seminar to [first 10 companies].
Please apply as soon as possible!


┃ New Electric Power Support Seminar (free) will be held on the following schedule.

*This is a [Completely closed limited seminar] only for [first 10 companies]!
If you couldn't participate last time, and if you want to participate again this time, please join us at this opportunity!

■ [Free] New Electricity Startup & Sales Support System (Ene Partner) Seminar [Limited to the first 10 companies]

[Part 1: New electric power launch]
It is not late from now! ? Not yet!
Our company, who has actually completed the retail electricity business registration, will teach you.
From the point of obtaining retail electricity business license
3 pitfalls you should know before starting! ?

[Part 2: Sales Support System (Ene Partner Series)]
- Realization of cloud-based sales support system "Ene Partner CRM" -
Introduces examples of numerical management and organizational management in sales activities to acquire policyholders
Create a simulation in 2 minutes and complete a sales forecast in 3 minutes!
Introducing the overwhelming work efficiency improvement along with a system demonstration.
* You can also see Ene Partner CIS (multi-product cloud customer charge management system)!

[Date and time]
Wednesday, June 15 (15:00-16:30) *Our seminar room

Companies that are applying for or are planning to apply for a retail electricity business license
Companies developing or considering business for high voltage
A company that wants to reduce costs by streamlining new power sales
Companies looking for an easy-to-use tariff management system for low voltage

Akasaka Mitsuke Rental Conference Room
Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F, 1-1-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Please enter from the entrance next to the coffee shop on the 1st floor on the K Tower side.)

***** Why is it a free seminar? ******

I will do it seriously, so the content is comparable to the paid seminars of other companies.
Then why free? We are Japan's only "supporting retail electricity supplier"
We actually run the electric power business ourselves, and further utilize that know-how.
We are doing business by providing it to everyone in Shindenryoku.

That's why! If you have a connection, become a key person of Shindenryoku
We wanted to make it a place to create a new network with everyone, so we made it free.

Our consultants will also be the instructors.
The staff who actually achieved retail electricity supplier registration,
Because it is a staff who has succeeded in attracting new power customers,
You can confidently convey overwhelming "practical-based know-how"!

Please feel free to join us!

Individual consultations are also available for those unable to attend.
If you would like to have an individual consultation on the same day,
Please reply to this email or in the remarks column at the time of application.

I look forward to seeing you then.
Thank you very much.

*The seminar has ended.