Part 3 About Facebook Advertising Seminar - Practical Edition - We will actually set it up in front of you! [Affiliate seminar held in Nagoya]


*This seminar is free of charge. Please pay your own transportation expenses.

About Facebook advertising seminar

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Regarding the Facebook seminar that has been held since last year,
Due to its great popularity, we will be holding a third seminar that goes even deeper.
Also, this time we will introduce recommended affiliate genres.

Details are listed below, so please take this opportunity to participate!

[About Facebook ads]

[① Regarding introduction of recommended affiliate genres]

This time, we would like to introduce the projects and genres in which the number of acquisitions at our company is increasing.
There are three categories, and some of them are exclusive to our company and have favorable conditions.

Optimization of genres and projects that are less affected by Google updates (improvement of client LP) will be implemented.
We will introduce you to genres that have many projects with high CVR.

Affiliates who are looking for a new flow line to attract customers,
I want to enter a new genre, but which genre is hot?
A must-see for affiliates who are worried!

[② About Part 3 Facebook Ads ~Practical Edition~]

This is a sequel to the Facebook advertising seminar held since last fall.
So far, we have shared the basics, settings, and operation methods of Facebook ads.

The contents of the previous session are below.

◆Part 1
・Understanding Facebook advertising
・Differences between advertisers and media placements
・Understanding Facebook News Feed Ads
・Understanding Facebook article LP
・How to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads/Evaluation points

◆Part 2
・About various settings when distributing advertisements
→Initial settings (distribution, tag installation, targeting)
・Specific points for turning PDCA
→Optimization (optimization index/creative test)

Regarding the third edition,
Our staff will actually perform the settings in front of you.
We hope you will check out the 1st and 2nd editions and make your own settings!

*For those who did not participate in Parts 1 and 2,
Please rest assured that we will send you the materials after you apply.

[Visitor benefits]

*Introducing clients that can embed Facebook pixel tags
*Special conditions for recommended affiliate genres

Overview of the event

date and time
June 19th (Wednesday) 19:00-20:30
(Doors will open and reception will begin 15 minutes before the event. *The closing time may be approximately 10 minutes earlier or later.)

Entry fee

5th floor, Lotus Building, 18-22 Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0015 Room number: RoomB
Aeon Compass Nagoya Station Conference Room

Access URL


*Limited to the first 40 people.
Please note that if the capacity is reached, registration will be closed.
We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you very much for your support.

*The seminar has ended.