Tips for maximizing site revenue! Practical seminar where you can learn know-how to maximize site revenue [Fukuoka]

Share know-how on recommended affiliate genres and site revenue maximization


*This seminar is free of charge. Please pay your own transportation expenses.

About Recommended Affiliate Genre/Site Profit Maximization

[About recommended genres]

☆ We will introduce genres and projects where the number of acquisitions is increasing at our company. The main category is "Insurance".
Many media companies are already working on it,
There are conditions that can only be applied by our company (reward unit price, simplification of achievement points).

Acquisition keywords are also very wide,
It is a genre that can be developed from various angles.

In addition, regarding the following three genres introduced in previous seminars,
I will share it with you again.

・Temporary work
·school bag
·Real Estate Investment

There are many exclusive projects and favorable conditions.
All of them are categories where you can expect to earn 1 million to 3 million yen per month.
It is also attractive that there is little SEO fluctuation and low competition.

Affiliates who are looking for a new flow line to attract customers,
I want to enter a new genre,
A must-see for affiliates who are worried about which genre is hot!

There is also a privilege of introduction project for those who came to visit us.
Benefits include special unit price, guaranteed approval rate, and simplification of achievement points.

[About site profit maximization]

☆ We will introduce the profit method that we have derived from our experience so far.
We are consulting to maximize profits on the operating site,
Of course, the conditions for posting genres and projects are important,
In addition, I would like to share a summary of the importance of the previous stage.


We would like to share the importance of the above and measures for maximizing profits.
The above content holds important points in the affiliate industry in the future.
It has been well received by many media outlets.
Those who are struggling with site monetization, those who want to measure further optimization,
We would appreciate it if you could participate and refer to it.
Please apply using the form below.

Overview of the event

date and time
Thursday, August 23, 19:00-20:00 (doors open and reception starts 15 minutes before)

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Building name: Ekihigashi Building rental conference room
Address: 1-16-14 Hakata Station East, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City 812-0013
Reference Station East Building 3F Meeting Room H-7

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