Fully automated supply and demand management service for new energy providers

Japan's first! Proprietary patented development!
Fully automatic energy supply and demand/adjustment management cloud using AI
"Ene Partner Series"

A rapid and cost-effective fully automated supply-demand management service with advanced coordination achieved through systemization


Optimizer has completed the research and development for NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and the New Energy Venture Technology Innovation Project Phases B and C. Since June 2018, it has been officially offered as the Energy Partner Series.

"Ene Partner SCM" is an AI-based fully automatic energy supply and demand/adjustment management service. Using this solution, we will provide optimization through cost reduction and efficiency improvement of new electric power management by "optimizer / fully automatic supply and demand management service" that actually realizes total business agency of supply and demand management.


Online all together, including procedures related to the supply and demand of new power and various related operations

Optimizer realizes full automation of new power supply and demand management operations using AI with its own algorithm and systemization. We have obtained three related patents related to the automation of power supply and demand operations.

Demand forecast for high-voltage and low-voltage electricity, calculation of economically optimal power supply mix, automatic bidding and agreement of market power supply, reflection of renewable energy position including solar power generation, use of interconnected lines, cross-regional power management promotion organization (OCCTO) fully automated operation with AI and algorithms. Electric power retail operations, which conventionally required a large amount of manual labor such as specialized personnel and know-how, are automated and accurate at the level of the balancing group with the next-generation system. We have established the foundation for “exceeding coordination operations”.

In addition, the Ene Partner series is built as a cloud service that does not require installation or large-scale infrastructure, and is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. A new electric power business can be started via the Internet without the need for large-scale capital investment. As a result, electric power business can be launched without an electric power management operation expert, making it easier for companies from other industries to enter the business and to develop local government new electric power.

Providing total outsourcing of supply and demand management

Optimization and systemization based on data and analysis obtained from actual new electric power support, providing supply and demand management for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operation.

New electric power companies need to adjust and manage the balance between power generation and customer power consumption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a high degree of accuracy. For new electric power companies, this “supply and demand management” requires enormous corporate resources, such as securing human resources, building a supply and demand management system, building an operation organization, and submitting daily supply and demand plans. Demand forecasting is important for adjusting the power supply and demand balance with high accuracy. Optimizer utilizes the big data analysis and operation know-how acquired through providing marketing support to more than 600 companies over a period of 10 years to provide supply and demand management that can flexibly respond to the aggressive development of new electric power businesses. We have systematized and built our own operation theory.

Optimizing supply and demand management by experts

This is a fully automated supply and demand management service for supporting the operation of new power companies (specific-scale electricity operators). It is designed to meet the requirements of new power companies (PPS) for achieving 30-minute simultaneous and equal supply and demand and to address market fluctuations and risks. The optimizer will anticipate the customer's demand, and based on economic rationality, develop an optimized power operation plan.

We procure surplus or deficient power from market transactions, recreate the position, and submit power generation plans, supply-demand plans, and interconnection line utilization plans to general electricity operators.

After submitting, we monitor the supply and demand trends and power generation status for the day and carry out adjustments and backup processes to maintain supply-demand balance. Then, we submit a report of the entire results as a power generation report. The supply-demand management tasks are handled by experienced specialized staff of the Optimizer.


In addition, we also provide support for reporting obligations, such as monthly power generation reports to regional operational promotion agencies and power generation repair plans to power company network service centers, among others.

1.Demand forecast

  • 12-month consumption analysis of consumers
  • Ascertaining the demander's schedule
  • Hearing from consumers
  • Prediction of power consumption from operational plan

2. Operation plan

  • Grasping the power supply configuration
  • Demand and generation position analysis
  • Calculation of surplus and deficit of power supply
  • Formulation of operation plan

3. Market trading

  • Excess and deficiency transactions (JEPX)
  • Bidding settings
  • Acquisition of execution results
  • Reflected in position

4. Notice

  • Convert file to specified format
  • Submission of power generation, demand, and interconnection line utilization plans
  • Prediction of power consumption from operational plan

5.Supply and demand monitoring

  • Monitor demand trends for the day
  • Monitoring of power generation status for the day
  • Same-day backup support Emergency accommodation/before-hours transactions

6. Report

  • Daily balance report
  • Power generation and reception performance report
  • Regular MTG implementation
  • Formulation of improvement plan

Providing various services that lead to reduction in electricity costs

需給管理代行サービスThe date and time when the maximum power or the customer-set threshold is exceeded can be confirmed, and notifications will be sent to the responsible person via email or alarms.
In addition, you can also use action incentives through performance-based services that utilize Optimizer's IT technology.
By having the Optimizer make the payment to each power company for the amount acquired, it is also possible to further reduce electricity charges.

As a future plan, for the power saving target for the period set by the optimizer,
we are working on developing a system to apply discounts to customers who implement energy-saving measures.

We provide action incentives to reduce electricity charges from various corporate services such as office supplies, life insurance, operating leases, and LEDs.


Exhibited at Electricity Liberalization EXPO!

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Optimizer introduced the industry's first new power bulk quotation service
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