Electricity rate review

Realization of cost reduction through reduction of electricity charges

Support for switching to new power

Due to the liberalization of electric power, specified-scale electric power companies (new electric power PPS) have already been approved to supply power at high voltage.
Furthermore, in 2016, the full liberalization of retail sales of low-voltage electricity used by general households will take place.

Operation of switching support service

Optimizer provides a support service for switching to new electric power for corporate customers who are high-voltage consumers.
We receive consultations from clients regarding their electricity needs, formulate implementation plans, and based on the service areas of various new electricity providers, assess the availability of supply and the cost of electricity.
From up to eight different new electricity companies,
we then propose the most suitable cost-saving electricity plan for the client, all "free of charge."

Can be proposed on a nationwide scale
Used by many companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Achievements: New power network No.1


Total support from new power selection to introduction

Corporations with multiple facilities and bases may not be able to cover all of their needs with just one new electric power company.
In addition, selecting, comparing, and contracting with new electricity service providers available in each respective region
will require significant effort on the part of the responsible party.

Therefore, Optimizer will select and propose the most suitable new electric power company that can respond to the area.
We offer overwhelming cost benefits to customers in order to gather needs and conduct large-scale negotiations.


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