Self-consumption type renewable energy supply "Digiene"

Self-consumption type renewable energy supply "Digiene"



During disasters, there is a possibility of critical issues arising in business continuity.

(1) Electricity supply stop (blackout)
(2) Gas supply stop
(3) Stop water supply
Unable to procure fuel (Gaslin station)

Power outage: Complete stoppage of computers, phones, lighting, air conditioning, and production lines.
Gas: Unable to use the bath.
Water: drinking water, toilet





What is "Digital Energy"?


Next-generation sharing economy" that reduces the cause of high electricity charges, the "renewable energy promotion surcharge," while requiring no facility investment.




Optimizer is a Leading Provider

of Digital Energy Technology in Japan

Our company has been selected for the NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) New Energy Venture Technology Innovation Program, and we have acquired patents for artificial intelligence in renewable energy generation (obtaining 4 related patents). In addition, we also have achieved automated operation in retail electricity and are advancing the digital energy platform.




About self-consumption type renewable energy supply "Digiene"
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