New Energy Customer Acquisition Advertising Planning


Optimizer provides comprehensive advertising solutions tailored to each new power supplier's unique characteristics by combining numerous strategies with its proprietary theories and proven track record. As a provider of web marketing services and support for new power suppliers, Optimizer has established optimized customer acquisition theories for the liberalized electricity market based on its extensive expertise in online advertising across multiple fields and performance analysis in the new power market. Building on this foundation, it integrates various successful advertising media and tactics to create the "Optimizer New Power Advertising Package", which caters to both businesses and general consumers in the electricity retail market, enabling effective customer acquisition. With this package, we support new power suppliers in expanding their customer base through increased adoption of their new power services.




Optimizer's Customer Acquisition Strategy and New Power

The cost of hypothesis testing in advertising for exploring new channels can result in significant losses. Even in the customer acquisition for low-voltage customers in the electricity liberalization, it requires substantial verification expenses due to being entirely new endeavors. At Optimizer, we have accumulated numerous verification results through repeated hypothesis testing while supporting top companies' customer acquisitions in various fields. Moreover, we boast a track record of successfully directing and introducing a large number of customers to major new power suppliers in the high-voltage market. By leveraging this know-how, we have developed a comprehensive marketing package that optimizes and minimizes initial costs, offering one-stop support for a wide-ranging marketing strategy. Background-wise, internet advertising has already undergone commoditization, making it challenging to efficiently acquire customers by merely deploying advertisements. Consequently, the effectiveness of advertisements is not only determined by their quality but also by the action rates on landing pages to which customers are directed. At Optimizer, we not only handle creative aspects of advertising based on the latest research and logic but also ensure efficiency through optimization of application form inputs and seamless integration with our unique new power CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and solutions. Through this comprehensive approach, we support new power suppliers with a well-rounded system. By packaging successful advertising models, new power suppliers can swiftly execute multifaceted advertising campaigns. Additionally, since the verified operational expertise for each advertising medium is already available, there is no need for extra time and cost to collect and verify new advertising effects. This allows for achieving a high level of customer acquisition effectiveness right from the start of the advertising campaign.

・Affiliate network “Medi Partner” (operated by Optimizer) ・Listing advertisement ・In-feed advertisement ・Remarketing advertisement ・New power SNS advertisement for Facebook, etc. ・DSP (demand side platform) advertisement ・"Moving LP" landing page optimization Measures ・Content marketing by regularly providing electric power content ・Advertising effect measurement system for incoming calls ・EFO (entry form optimization) system ・Development and operation of own media ・Production of websites optimized for attracting new electric power customers ・Automatic data Information collection by the collection robot "WEB crawler" ・Planning and agency of character campaigns for new power ・Access analysis and analysis ・Other advertising media and advertising methods that are effective in attracting customers for new power