New electric power establishment support


Total support for the establishment of new electric power

Comprehensive support for business launch

The electricity retail market has become a rapidly growing market due to deregulation. There is a business operator that is considering new entry. In order to quickly execute the plans and operations necessary for new start-ups and subsequent growth, many new electric power companies focus their internal resources on which operations and which operations are outsourced to stabilize business and reduce costs. We are faced with the choice of whether to reduce emissions or not. Optimizer, which has provided a wide range of services from attracting customers to new electric power companies and providing management support, aggregates practical know-how cultivated in comprehensive support including supply and demand management. Expandability to respond flexibly to the growth of the new electric power business, secure human resources for supply and demand management work that requires a high level of expertise, and establish an information system and staff training system. We have built a system that allows for more outsourcing. We offer this as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service tailored for new electricity providers, facilitating the reduction of burdens and risks during the initial phase of establishment. We provide comprehensive support for businesses entering the field of electricity liberalization, covering everything from inception to growth, thereby supporting dynamic and unrestrained business activities.


  • Support for formulating business plans and profit and loss plans
  • incorporation
  • cash flow analysis
  • Support for formulating a project schedule
  • Notification and application work to various government offices related to specific-scale electricity business
  • Support for creating proposals for customers
  • Provision of sample contracts and application forms for power supply and demand with customers
  • Provision of a sample consent form for power supply (for submission to general electric utilities)
  • Support for formulation of assumed operation plan

Support new electric power business for all purposes

We support various purposes such as corporate PPS for business purposes, local government PPS, consumer PPS, and regional PPS.

Support from strategy to operation and customer acquisition

We have a lineup of various services that support the daily operations and business strategies of new electric power companies as a total service from sales strategy, advertising development, and attracting customers, as well as supply and demand management work for the new electric power business.

Launching New Electricity Providers Even Without Own Power Sources

Even if you do not have your own power generation facility, it is possible to start a new power generation. It is possible to provide know-how on how to launch a new electric power business based on our business experience so far.

Supporting Business Models Based on New Electricity Provider Types

What is Corporate PPS?

A new electric power service provided by a private company for commercial purposes. With the liberalization of electricity, we have emerged as a new electricity sales company that responds to demand on a specific scale.
They may have their own power sources or they may procure them from the market or from other companies that have power sources.
There are variations in service areas due to securing power sources and projects.
In some cases, the company was launched as a consumer PPS and then expanded by capturing demand from other companies.

What is Municipality PPS?

A "Municipal PPS" refers to a specific-scale electricity provider established by a municipality or its affiliated local public entities, wherein they become new electricity service providers.
The primary objectives of Municipal PPS are to contribute to local revitalization, cost reduction, promotion of local energy self-sufficiency, expansion of administrative services, etc.
They supply electricity to public facilities, local businesses, and citizens within the community.
Many local governments are purchasing electricity from private new power companies as a measure to reduce electricity bills.
There is a growing trend where local governments are taking the initiative to enter the electricity business demand scale of their
managed facilities, aiming to reduce electricity costs.

Various initiatives are emerging to effectively utilize local renewable resources, such as using thinned wood for biomass power
generation and harnessing electricity sources like hydropower from dams and agricultural water.
In addition, it is also being recognized as a strategy for regional revitalization, with initiatives including the revitalization of local
businesses, collaboration with HEMS systems for local residents, and attracting companies by leveraging affordable electricity and land resources.

What is consumer PPS?

A "Demand-Side Power Producer and Supplier (Demand-Side PPS)" refers to a new electricity provider in which large-scale business entities with substantial power demand submit notifications to relevant authorities to become PPS, procuring and
operating electricity from the market for their own consumption purposes.

What is Regional PPS?

Regional PPS is a new electric power that has been launched through joint investment mainly by local businesses, governments, regional banks, citizen funds, etc.
The concept involves procuring electricity from the local area and supplying it back to that same region.
While the primary goal is generally to achieve local energy self-sufficiency, in cases where the PPS doesn't have its own power
sources, they may source and provide "local power" to meet the electricity needs of the community's consumers.

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