Order/billing operation agency

Outsourcing Support for High-Volume Operations in New Electricity

Versatile Outsourcing Services for Various New Electricity Operations

In the new electricity business, handling tasks ranging from processing new orders to managing complex pricing structures
and diverse menus necessitates extensive time and cost investment for operations and computational tasks.

At Optimizer, we have established a flexible outsourcing framework that caters to various tasks in the new electricity domain,
ranging from order processing at high voltage levels to monthly fee calculations, invoice generation, accounts receivable management, and financial reporting.

Would like to reduce labor costs related to billing operations
Would like to to streamline order registration
Would like to reduce system development costs
Would like to reduce the work of payment reconciliation
Would like to streamline the dunning work

Customer registration

  • Application reception registration
    Register customer information based on the application form
  • Registration and setting of contract details
    Register the contract details and communicate with related organizations
    Grasping power consumption by API connection
  • Confirmation of direct debit settings

Fee calculation

  • Checking power usage
    Speedy understanding based on closing date
  • Fee calculation
    Electricity charges are calculated based on the contents of each contract

sales report

  • Confirm billing details
    Report the contents of the charge calculation
  • Confirm billing amount
    Approval confirmation

Billing process

  • Billing data registration
  • Issuing and sending invoices
    Issuing, enclosing, and sending invoices
  • Set up payment information
    We will create and register information according to the payment method such as automatic withdrawal from the account.

Receipt management

  • Payment confirmation process
    Confirmation and payment reconciliation based on various payment methods
  • Confirmation of accounts receivable
    Check and report receivables

reminder notice

  • reminder notice
    Send notifications based on uncollected status
  • Calculation of late payment fee
    Fee calculation based on delay status
  • Contextual reporting

Local government PPS, consumer PPS, etc. according to each business form and needs,
We provide efficient consignment services with the system development capabilities and practical know-how of Optimizer.

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