Relative power trading platform

Over 40 member companies! Independent of the wholesale market!

Providing a new power trading (negotiated trading) platform

Currently, there is a demand for securing a power source that is not affected by fluctuations in wholesale prices.

In January 2021, the surge in prices at the Japan Electric Power Exchange (referred to as JEPX) has drawn attention to alternative power sourcing outside of JEPX.

Although the cause and countermeasures are still being debated, there is an increasing movement among retail electricity companies to explore ways to diversify power supply procurement and risk hedging methods.

Electric power procurement through non-JEPX transactions (bilateral transactions), such as direct contracts with power generators less influenced by JEPX price fluctuations, and power transfer with retail electricity providers capable of handling surplus procurement sources, like fixed-price contracts, can serve as the most common and effective means to avoid JEPX price risks.

What is a Relative Power Platform?


  1. Diversification of power supply procurement methods for retail electricity companies
  2. Creation of supply opportunities for power supply holders including power generation companies

We fulfillthe function of information exchangeachieving both of the above.

A member company has registered a relative power trading platform as a means of power procurement for retail electric power companies.
It is a web-based platform service that sharesinformationabout power sales and purchases,
including supply and demand in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and supply conditions, among member companies.

The Optimizer Group has developed the comprehensive energy management system "Energy Partner Series,"
which AI-enables electricity retail operations, leveraging our extensive experience in Web marketing, ICT technology, and big data analysis.
We are currently continuing our development efforts to enhance its functionalities, and we have plans for future updates that will enable seamless integration with this platform.


It also features flexible specifications that can match the required power supply in real time.
In addition to thermal, renewable energy, and VPP, it is also possible to procure power sources tailored to specific needs, such as short-term trading during peak demand periods.

Since its release in late April 2021, more than 40 participating companies have already gathered, including services for pre-members.



More freedom in the electricity market

We will support the diversification of power procurement methods for retail electricity companies and create opportunities for
power holders, including power generation companies, through our digital platform.
For the retail electricity business, which is expected to create new added value in the future,
We are planning to provide various solutions corresponding to diversified energy management in the future.

Creating a more liberated and prosperous electricity market driven by change, we provide a platform for information exchange in energy distribution.

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