Electricity, gas, MVNO, regular customer sales "Ene Partner CIS"

Customer charge management cloud system "Ene Partner CIS"


Supporting cross-selling development Electricity, gas, communications, product sales...

By using "Ene Partner CIS", which supports customer management for all infrastructure businesses, it is possible to manage bundled sales such as electricity + gas at one stop! Thorough support for the realization of flexible and free cross-selling ideas that are essential for sales expansion and growth of the electric power business! We will thoroughly support your electric power business with speedy introduction that does not miss business opportunities and cost reduction!

The cheapest payment solution in the industry

All necessary payment methods are standard equipment! Since it is a cloud type, it is possible to start the service immediately without system development. In addition, Ene Partner CIS compresses the settlement fee to the lowest class in the industry. Reduce unnecessary costs.・Cash storage ・Credit card payment ・Convenience store payment ・Bank withdrawal

Freedom of charge system Realize what you want to manage

One of the biggest concerns for business operators who are considering introducing a CIS system is "response to billing systems." We have realized a flexible fee system management that can respond to all kinds of requests such as creating a special billing system that is different for each individual customer, and offering discounts combined with gas and product sales!

Reduced invoicing costs. Quick introduction with customer portal function as standard equipment

Issuing invoices is a time-consuming and costly process, such as mailing. Even if I wanted to make it web, I needed to install an expensive system. Ene-Partner CIS is equipped with a web portal function for consumers as a standard feature, enabling quick web-based operations. By simply distributing IDs and passwords to each customer, billing amount confirmation and various procedures can be completed online. Of course, we also have all the traditional paper-based mailing invoices and convenience store printing!

BPO service that can outsource all processes

We provide “total” support with “overwhelming cost performance”, from solutions such as core systems required for business development for low voltage, to securing human resources, business design and outsourcing of customer contact operations. The cloud-based system enables deployment regardless of location and backs up dynamic business strategies.顧客接点基幹ソリューション&サービス
In addition, it is also possible to support the operations required for customer contact through outsourcing. We also support business tie-up strategies with different industries that make use of the strengths of our affiliate business.

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