What is Digital Signage

digital signage(Digital signage)"" is a general term for items that transmit information using electronic display devices such as displays in various places such as stores, transportation facilities, and public facilities. The market is expanding as a tool for disseminating information optimized for facility users and visitors due to the price reduction of the display itself and the diversification of the distribution content. In particular, in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the number of new installations, additions, and replacements has increased, and in terms of functionality, multilingualization and high resolution have progressed, and examples of use as interactive content have also increased.

デジタルサイネージ市場総調査 2017

source:Digital Signage Market Comprehensive Survey 2017
Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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How digital signage works

digital signageis basically used with a set of "displays" and "controllers". A controller is a device or software that distributes content to a display. Content distribution becomes possible only by connecting a DVD playback device, a USB/PC, or a controller such as a distribution device called STB to the display.


What is STB

Set Top Boxis an abbreviation for
A type of electronic device that connects to a display when distributing signagePerfect for your application. Although it is not suitable for PCs in terms of processing performance, it is a controller device that is often used in the signage field because of its simple structure, low price, and small housing size, so it can be installed anywhere.



Types of digital signage

digital signagehas a variety of installation patterns depending on the installation scene, application, and cost.

Standalone digital signage

The standalone type operates in a local environment without connecting to the signageIt refers to Basically, content is distributed via USB or SD card. Since it does not require an Internet communication environment, it can be operated at a relatively low cost, but it is not suitable for operation with multiple devices because it takes time to update the content.



network digital signage

The network type connects to the Internet, downloads content information stored on a server or cloud, and broadcasts signageIt refers to Broadcast schedules and replacement of content are also performed via the Internet, making it more suitable for operation with multiple units than the stand-alone type. It has a high degree of freedom and is used in many scenes, such as displaying real-time information by referring to content on the Internet and switching video from a server at any time.


OurUnlimited SignageThe STB is mainly operated in a network type, but it also has a function as a standalone type, so it can be operated according to the customer's needs.


Effects of digital signage

digital signageThe following effects are expected from the introduction of


  • Attract customers with moving images and guide them into the store
  • You can clearly convey the texture and color of the products actually sold at the store.
  • You can reduce operating costs by centrally managing multiple ad distributions.
  • Spatial production that leads to an improved image
  • Attract more customers by increasing the value of the space


  • One frame can be used for advertisement of multiple products, so you can transmit a lot of information
  • Provides timely information such as traffic information and weather forecasts
  • Providing the information customers need at the right time and place
  • Can reduce labor costs for guidance
  • It is possible to reduce the work of re-pasting printed materials, reducing the work burden.


Introduction of digital signage

digital signageUnfortunately, there are many cases in which the system is neglected or removed because it is not sufficiently effective even though it is introduced. Most of the reasons can be summarized in the following three.

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  • The installed equipment does not match the expected needs
  • Lack of content to deliver the information you want to convey
  • In the first place, the condition of the installation place is bad, and no one can see it

These causes occur when the planning at the time of signage introduction is not sufficient. Here are some points to keep in mind when planning.

Clarify your purpose.


Please do enough research beforehand so that when, to whom, and what kind of message you want to convey, do not consider introducing it in a state where it is not clear.
Usually, the purpose is to announce (products, stores, campaigns, etc.) and improve awareness,digital signageIf you are looking for the effect of attracting customers, we recommend using an effect measurement system that utilizes a tracking system.

Select and use information that meets the purpose


Rather than just distributing the information we want to convey, we can not get interest unless we provide useful information for users. It is important to quickly prepare the content that users want and establish an operational system to produce it.
At our company, we analyze user needs from a marketer's point of view, and based on that, we consistently create content in-house, from direction to creation.

Clarify the installation location environment and installation conditions

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There are various installation locations, such as hanging from the ceiling, installing on the wall, fixing, and whether the installation location is outdoors or indoors.
Furthermore, when installing, it is necessary to investigate the electrical wiring, the strength of the ceiling where it will be installed, the floor load, etc. in advance.
We will grasp the flow and visibility of people, including the number of people and attributes, in advance, and consider the optimal installation location.

Clarify system configuration and equipment selection

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digital signageWhen you actually install the , unexpected things happen, such as the update work is unexpectedly troublesome, the size of the display does not match, and the image is not visible due to insufficient brightness.
When deciding on the system configuration and equipment selection, please make a decision after comparing not only the cost but also the characteristics of the software and hardware.


What is Free Unlimited Signage?

Provided by the optimizerUnlimited Signageis a signage distribution system that can be operated simply by connecting a free unlimited signage dedicated STB to the display. No dedicated server or complicated initial setup required.
A dedicated STB can be rented and signage can be operated from 2,200 yen (2,420 yen including tax) per month, and the operation cost of contents is basically free. It is possible to minimize monthly running costs.