Unlimited Business Phone (Cloud PBX)

Achieving simplicity, convenience, & high performance through cloud technology

"Cloud Business Phone" for instant sales and customer interaction expansion

"I'd like to perform efficient sales activities by linking with the existing customer information system."
"I'd like to make it compatible not only with landlines, but also with smartphones and PC softphones!"
"I'd like to switch our sales department to cloud-based IP phones, but we have concerns about costs, equipment, management, and configuration..."

Optimizer solves such business problems!

We package the features you need
such as CTI-CRM integration, call recording, and after-hours response capabilities.
We propose a new business phone compatible with smartphones, mobile phones, and PC softphones.

All the expenses you've incurred so far will be reduced to 0 yen!


3 benefits of introduction

Free internal and external calls

All calls between employees and the company are routed through extension lines.
You can make calls for 0 yen regardless of time or place.


Free calls between branches and bases

Unlimited Business Phone allows you to make calls within the company even from long distances.


Freedom to relocate or to change seats

Optimize office space to utilize! Achieve reduction in company-owned assets and maintenance costs.


–Consolidating a new style of business phone–

Equipped with functions necessary for business
Sales support system linkage function, all call recording function, overtime response, call center system function

unified communications
Chat, conference call, voicemail, and other communication functions necessary for business can be provided in real time when needed.

Proposal of a new "telephone" for business

Currently, IP telephony, exemplified by Skype, has become the mainstream,
transitioning from traditional telephony to a "phone without a handset."
Moreover, the era has arrived where smartphone users outnumber PC users,
and consumer behavior is shifting from stationary PCs to smartphones that can be used anytime, anywhere.

This is also true in business settings.

However, in the current business scene...

"Managing vital phone operations for sales activities, including the line numbers and associated costs, can be quite demanding."
"Even if you have all the necessary features for your business, the subsequent setup and management can be cumbersome."
"IP phones not compatible with Android and iPhone OS" "Wishing to make domestic and international calls seamlessly"
"Desire to make and receive calls from my office number (e.g., 03-XXX-XXXX) using my smartphone while you're on the go."


There is a problem that it has not been able to adapt to business changes such as.

Extension for Android/iPhone/Smartphone (handset) – Proposal for next-generation work style –
Cloud business phones using cloud technology are not only IP phones, but also
We also support smartphone extensions for Android and iPhone, mobile phones, and PC softphones.


Free unlimited business phone safety 3 points

Anshin Support Center

Since the cloud business phone uses a cloud infrastructure,
Can be introduced with minimal cost and equipment.
We offer a reliable support system that allows you to change settings and add IDs by phone.

24-hour monitoring and security monitoring system

Call systems and server networks provide 24/7 expert monitoring.
Since maintenance and settings are collectively managed at the operation center,
It can be introduced without any personnel with specialized knowledge in your company!

High quality calls with digital quality

With the latest digital technology, you can make high-quality calls just like you would on a normal phone! Even when you are out and about, you can answer the phone with your business partners.

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